Bruce Levenson, The Successful NBA Team Owner

The NBA is one most respected leagues of the globe. Being a team owner of one of the teams in the NBA is a herculean task, as one need to have adequate resources to make a purchase. The best part about being a team owner is that one stands to gain from the sale of the team because most of the past team owners have realized profits from the sale of their teams. Some of the team owners like Bruce Levenson have made remarkable contribution in NBA through his team, Atlanta Hawks.
Bruce Levenson is a well known American business person. For over ten years, Bruce Levenson was a co- owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. In 2004, he purchased the team from Turner Broadcasting through Atlanta Spirits LLC, where he is a majority shareholder. After purchasing the Atlanta Hawks, the name of the company changed to become Atlanta Hawks LLC.
The deal included the rights to the Phillips Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers. However, the Atlanta Thrashers team was sold in 2011 and relocated to Winnipeg. Bruce Levenson guided the Atlanta Hawks to great success in the ten years in which he was the owner. In late 2014, Bruce Levenson made clear of his intentions to sell the team. He finally sold it to investor Anthony Ressler and his Group. The sale was successful despite the bankers hired by Bruce Levenson having quoted a higher price.
Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC to a Jewish Parents. He grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bruce attended the University of Washington graduating with a bachelor’s degree in law. It is at the Washington University that Levenson made his baby steps in business writing by writing a column for the university’s newspaper. In 1977, Bruce and his friend, Ed Peskowitz established United Communication Group (UCG). The company started its operations by providing real time information about the oil and gas sector.
United Communications Group grew and started covering more areas like the real estate and other investment related information. Under his leadership, United Communication Group has become a world leading business Information Company that offers specialized information to more than 2 millions clients in various sectors. These sectors include technology, healthcare, and financial services. UCG covers information regarding the energy sector and the telecommunications industry. A part from the UCG, Bruce Levenson is the founding shareholder of the publicly held company, Tech Target. In the recent past, Forbes billionaire Levenson together with his partner established DOT, a private firm that came up with a new cooking technology that is able to toast bread within three seconds.
Aside from his business commitments, Bruce Levenson makes time to support philanthropic endeavors. Together with his wife, they led in the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership in partnership with the University of Maryland. They also hold an annual challenge Dubbed Do Good Challenge at the University of Maryland.

Nobilis Health: A Truly Evolved Healthcare

Nobilis Health is simultaneously a full-service healthcare, management company and publicly traded company. They have more than 100 surgical centers throughout the nation and are dedicated to lowering healthcare costs and maintaining a high patient satisfaction. They are also active in their marketing and conduct everything from patient recruitment to digital and point-of-care marketing. Their headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. Their specialty departments include podiatry, pain management, general surgery and gastrointestinal scopes. One thing that makes them stand out is that they display their own investor reports on their webpage under the tab, “Investors”. As of 2012, they boasted literally no patient infection rates at all.

In 2014, Nobilis Health acquired over half of the control and management of Freedom Pain Hospital in Scottsdale Arizona for over $3 million. Capital Analyst, Russell Stanley stated that he felt that Nobilis was undervalued for their prevalence in aging issues and the epidemic of obesity. At that time, their investment return rate increased to over 70%. They currently hold a strong track record for organic growth.

In April 2015, Nobilis closed a $25 million debt financing agency in partnership with GE Capital. Those funds are now being used in support of Nobilis’s growth efforts, which includes $12 million for their acquistion of control of Athlas Health in 2014. One of GE Capital’s main goals is to help their clients to expand their growth and helping them do whatever it takes to make it a reality. GE Capital also has their own Healthcare Financial Services, with which they are the number one lead nationwide for financings under $500 million. actually started out under the name Northstar Healthcare Inc. but changed its name once it gained major expansion into U.S. capital markets. They registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in order to obtain a notable dual listing in the U.S. as a nation and it was approved by the beginning of 2015. They currently own a total of five emergency surgery centers, three in Dallas, one in Houston and one in Scottsdale, Arizona. By the end of September 2014, they acquired over $17 billion in total revenue.

Nobilis Healthcare is an example of what it means to be a diversified non-profit organization in the healthcare field. They stop at nothing to be one of the most dedicated and best healthcare facilities, organizations and management in the entire country. As a result, they hire only the best and most competent for their healthcare, trading and management services. They are probably one of the most evolved facilities in the field of general, podiatry and orthopedic surgery in the nation. The present time is very bright for them and right now, their future looks even brighter so if you want to invest in healthcare, Nobilis is the place for you.

Discover Your Inner Personal Style With Lime Crime

Finding one’s inner personal style can be one of the keys to feeling more confident and happier. People who are aware of their own sense of color, their makeup preferences and their own clothing choices are those who easily find they can pick out an outfit they like each day as well as outfits that will suit their needs on a special occasion such a a party or visit to a nightclub. The self confidence that comes from an understanding of such potential choices is important to many people as they grow up and start to pick out their own clothing, accessories and makeup.

Working with the right company can help anyone develop their own inner sense of style and help them pick out makeup choices that are just right for their specific wants and aims. Staffers at Lime Crime understand this need. They know that their customers want a company that is devoted to helping them discover their own inner personal style. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded with the intention of helping to provide their customers with makeup that is unique and fun. The company was founded by a highly stylish entrepreneur who knows exactly what her customers want in a makeup company. She has searched the world looking for new and innovative products to help her customers find the kind of items that they can use in order to help them carefully craft their own inner personalized and entirely different look that is both stylish and fashionable at the same time.

Those who buy products from this company will find many items to pick from online. Each product has been carefully examined by the company’s staffers to make sure that it is safe, easy to use and provides them with clean and bright colors they can apply to any part of their face. As a result, many users have chosen to make Lime Crime their go to store for buying makeup at all times. Each user is assured that any product they buy through the site will be shipped to their house promptly after they pick it out. All products that are available on the site will be shipped out within a short period of time after the person buys it. This means that any given user will be able to get the item they have chosen when they need to have it on hand.

People who have a wide variety of makeup on hand can be prepared for any occasion they have in mind. Someone can easily pull up a lipstick they have purchased from Lime Crime on to create an elegant and fun look when they are going to work and want to be seen and noticed at a meeting. They can then change up their look later in the day when they are out with friends and going to a movie or a play. This kind of versatility is essential for today’s modern and contemporary woman who wants to look really good.

Status Labs Online Reputation Management

The internet has undoubtedly changed how modern public relations is conducted. Managing online reputation has become increasingly important as per Status Labs. They have improved the performance of web based businesses for years now. They use tactics associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks. That streamlines page content and makes it easier to view. It also makes websites correspond to standards imposed by prominent search engine networks. Status Labs operates out of Austin and caters to the needs of local business owners. New start ups need to hone their message before advertising to a select network.

Learn To Announce News Events

Even businesses will discuss some of the recent trends in media. New reputation management techniques have made e-mails and postings popular. Owners can send out mass messages to their fan base whenever possible. That increases the chances that reputation will be improved via a website. New messages stand a good chance of impressing visitors. These messages may also be personalized with web content and other networks.

New Reach With Offices

Status Labs maintains a network of offices in major city locations. International reach is perhaps the biggest advantage to hiring the team. Going above and beyond always seems to attract attention from viewers. Offices in New York City and San Francisco connect with major organizations. New investors may sign on to support business leaders in new settings. These factors combine to improve the standing of the CEO in charge.

Introducing a new product is always tricky proposition for businesses. Each CEO has conceptualized a unique marketing spin for products. But Status Labs has their own approach that gets proven results.

Write Personalized Stories

Every member of an office team understands how to improve business performance. They are valuable professionals in their own right. Status Labs may write biographies or interview new members of a prominent company. Online reputation management has to be personalized in ways that improve future holdings. Capturing user attention is perhaps the best option for resource strapped teams. A biography is a composition that explains important components of improvised strategy.

Shaygan Kheradpir Declares More Technology Opens Opportunities for Young Minds

Ask Shaygan Kheradpir his thoughts on technology in the classroom and he’ll tell you the future is digital. To encourage forward-thinking, cutting-edge innovation you have to start young. Today’s teens are digital natives, and chances are they’re more technologically advanced than you. Imagine the opportunities available when you enhance a child’s education at a young age.

Few people know that Bill Gates of Microsoft started programming as an eighth-grader to beat boredom. Those futile archaic computer terminals became the catalysts for Microsoft. What if parents advocated access to technology back then? Fast-forward to today and it’s clear why Shaygan Kheradpir is an advocate for digital classrooms.

Breaking Barriers with Online Technology

With the click of a mouse, children with a passion for learning have the ability to knock down barriers imposed by income, distance or class offerings. That innovation has been propelled in part by former Verizon executive, Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir and a staff of 7000 launched Verizon FIOS, which enabled access to internet at breakneck speeds. The business maverick also slashed overhead costs, improved automated services, and implemented a new system for rapid deployment of new Verizon initiatives. Considered one of the most significant figures in the evolution of technology, Shaygan Kheradpir catapulted Verizon to the head of the line for telecommunications services.

Expanding technology into education brings a number of benefits that not only helps to improve efficiency and productivity in the classroom, but also boosts the interest of children in academic activities. Technology in today’s educational setting allows the use of more interactive tools that can easily keep students attention.

In addition, social networks and other forums motivate kids to share views and discuss ideas, which helps children develop critical thinking. Interactive boards, virtual classrooms, and a host of electronic resources are in place to encourage students to express themselves, and interact with others, either in person or online. Another advantage of using technology in the classroom is its flexibility and adaptability, which allows students to continue their learning at a different pace.

Can Your Child Code Yet

A global educational trend right now is to teach a basic programming language to children starting at the young age of five. And forget those old computer lessons with perplexing protocols because initiatives like offers children online lessons adapted to different age groups. As our world becomes more technology oriented, educators face not only teaching children to use computers, but also how to build and program them. “The language of the future includes programming and the sooner children begin to explore and learn the better,” says Kheradpir.

Fortunately, the online arena offers a number of resources to learn programming for students from K-12, in addition to resources for teachers:

  • Lego Mindstorms – easy environment to program robots
  • Scratch – a graphical programming language for children 8 and older, created by the MIT Media Lab
  • Tynker – create everything from games to animated films

And there are dozens more websites ranging from easy to more complex programming lessons.

There are many reasons for wanting to teach our children programming and advance their learning in digital technology, but none is more pressing than preparing them for a technologically-oriented future.

Texas’ Finest Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most widely known plastic surgeons in the country. Given her expertise and exceptional skill, Walden has been awarded as one of the top doctors in her field. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and is formally fellowship-trained in Cosmetic surgery. Walden has performed most of her work in New York City, but has now relocated to Austin, Texas. She is a diligent member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is also apart of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Walden was located at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat and Lenox Hill Hospitals while in New York. She now owns her own practice known as the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She operates full time in her office suites located at Westlake Medical Center. Dr. Walden finds interest in women’s health issues that relate to self-empowerment and autonomy in decision-making, all areas of plastic surgery, and breast health. After many years of outstanding work, Dr. Walden has been recently selected as one of the nation’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Walden is an active figure in the media. She is constantly looking to improve her field with innovative ideas. She has made a strong effort to improve technology in plastic surgery to advance areas regarding tissue injectables, celebrity plastic surgery, makeovers, and breast implants. She is now a devoted guest on the Fox News Channel where she can give viewers insight and tips regarding plastic surgery. Her comments have appeared in multiple magazine issues, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Absolute Magazine.

Jennifer Walden is also an avid author. She has published multiple articles and research papers that have received global recognition. She serves as an adviser to the nation’s top breast implant and aesthetic companies, including Sciton, Allergen Medical, and Venus Concept. Dr. Walden has also been a spokesperson for the Natrelle Pre-Consultation Kit, which is a breast implant kit that is purchasable online to any interested consumer. Dr. Walden has truly mastered the art of aesthetic surgery giving her the opportunity to share her individually developed plastic surgery instruments. These instruments have been available to surgeons across the world for multiple types of procedures.

If you are interested about pursuing a plastic surgery procedure do not hesitate to get it done. At Walden Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden will give you the results you dreamed of. She is an experienced surgeon, spokesperson, and author who can do about anything her field. Dr. Walden is truly committed to her work and has an immense passion for it. Her and her team are nothing short of spectacular and will give you the results that can change your life.

Wikipedia Editing Tips

In need of reliable editors? Well, Get Your Wiki is here at your service. Get Your Wiki is Wikipedia writing company. If you use their services, you are guaranteed of properly written and formatted articles with reliable references to make business Wiki pages. With the Wikipedia editors, your page will be automatically approved, plus there is full refund should your page be taken down. You can never go wrong with these professionals as they will ensure that your newly created page is monitored to avoid edits that can damage your image and that of your company. Wikipedia is a free open-source community where anyone is at liberty to alter parts of an existing article. These professionals will ensure that the edits on your page add value to Wikipedia. Should you need some information changed; they will do exactly that. Many people find it mind-boggling to find good and reliable translators, worry no more as Wikipedia translators are fit for this job, they will translate your page into any language you desire.

Wikipedia is an open-source community; everyone can edit articles on unprotected pages. Editors at Wikipedia are known as Wikipedians. There are two methods of editing used by Wikipedia, the first one being the classic editing by Wiki markup and the most current VisualEditor. Pages protected from editing are marked by a lock icon in the top right corner of the page; such pages can be edited by sending edit requests. When editing articles, it is important to use a formal tone. Use encyclopedic style presenting your facts plainly to create a comprehensive piece that summarizes an existing article. Wikipedia technically does not provide original research, so it is in order to note that your article should be properly referenced and backed by reliable sources.

Editing a Wikipedia page is not complicated, classic editing through Wiki markup and VisualEditor are commonly used. Check the top of a Wikipedia page to select the Wiki markup, this method is often used for editing footnotes, tables, inline citation, special characters, and hyperlinks. While the Wiki markup is considered user-friendly, it requires one to be a registered user and logged in. It is much easier to use since one does not need to learn the rather complicated wiki markup. An edit that alters the meaning of an article is a major edit, before embarking on major edits, discuss the changes in the article talk page as this will give series of opinions from the Wikipedia community. To the editors, be bold and ensure that your edit is reviewed since personal edits are likely to be re-edited again.

Changing My Dog’s Food To Beneful Helped Her To Eat More

My dog is absolutely great, but when I put food out to feed her, that’s when she can become a problem. I’ve never had a dog before that didn’t eat the food that I gave them, but this dog is different. My pit bull will not eat food that I give to her, and I don’t understand why. I’ve been buying the same food from the same store for several years, and I even fed the food to my previous dog with no problems. I don’t think it’s the fact that my dog is a pit bull why she won’t eat her food, but something is wrong, why she is playing with her food instead of eating it.

I have a dog bowl that has two bowls attached in one, and in one bowl I’ll put water, and in the other bowl I’ll put in food. When I come back to see if my dog has eaten, she’ll have the dog food in the water part of the bowl, and the food will be soggy, or the food expands after it sits in the water for a while. Although she’ll eat some of the food, she tends just to play with it, and it ends up going to waste. I’m not a rich person, and I can’t have my dog wasting her food, but I’m more concerned that my dog isn’t eating.

I even asked the veterinarian if there was something physically wrong with my dog because she would eat her meals, and the vet told me that it’s probably the food. I decided I would switch to another dog food, but I wasn’t sure what dog food would be best. I tried another store brand of dog food, and that was also a miss. The very next week I did some research, and I came across Beneful brand foods. I’m familiar with Beneful as well as many of the other name brand dog foods out there, but it’s never something that I thought to purchase.

I decided that since my dog wasn’t eating, I had to make a change in the food I was giving her. I went ahead and purchased the Beneful brand food, and I got a very big bang for my buck. I heard a lot of dogs like Beneful, so my dog should be able to eat it. I gave my dog food in her bowl, and I came back to an empty bowl an hour later. My dog was even making noises as if she wanted more food, so I poured additional food into her bowl. My dog easily ate all the food that I gave to her, and I thought to myself that I made a good choice by buying Beneful.

Benefits of Hedge Fund Management

Hedge funds are investments administered by licensed and accredited professionals by pooling funds and then investing the capital in securities and other ventures. Most are structured as limited partnerships or similar vehicles. Their leverage is capped by regulating authority unlike mutual funds. Hedge funds are not available to the general public as only accredited investors are allowed to invest in them. Their operations are flexible as compared to mutual funds. Hedge funds bypass some licensing requirements and oversight from regulatory body.

In the recent past, fund managers have gained a lot of popularity becoming the one of the best investment vehicle all over the world. They are normally open-ended hence an investor can withdraw or add investments whenever needed provided it is within the required time. Due to financial crisis witnessed in 2007-2008, the U.S. and Europe tightened some of the loopholes and gave regulatory more oversight powers on fund managers.

The main aim of hedge funds is to achieve good returns on investment whether the market condition is good or bad. Indeed, fund managers normally invest their own cash as other investors thus showing their commitment and dedication towards the success of the hedge funds. Investors are allowed to invest their money for at least one year before making any withdrawal. Investment managers are paid annual management fee as a percentage of assets under management and also performance fee at a certain percentage rate of new investors who have joined the fund.

Hedge funds are structured in a unique way to utilize and venture in specific investment opportunities available. Depending on their field of specialty, their strategies normally differs when exploring market conditions. Money invested in hedge funds are withdrawn only on specific intervals such as quarterly or bi-annually. A hedge fund will use certain strategies to enable it achieve the targeted goals. Most investments made by hedge funds are speculative in nature hence they can go either way. However, due to their experience they are able to explore the market condition and venture into investments that would yield positive return on investment within the shortest time possible.

One of the most recognized fund managers is Kenneth Griffin from valuewalk. He established Citadel LLC a global investment company. The company was estimated to have $25 billion in investment capital. Citadel LLC is among the biggest alternative investment firms across the world. Mr. Griffin has ensured the success of this company due to his experience in this industry. In 2012, Griffin was identified by Forbes as the top earning fund manager across the continent.

Ken Griffin has played crucial role of giving donations to various institutions in Chicago. Together with his wife, they established a foundation that has contributed millions of dollars to other institutions like Children’s Memorial Hospital and others. Through Citadel LLC, he has donated to Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago public Library. All these contributions he has made are for supporting the community that has played major role towards great success he has achieved.

Slyce is What You Need For Your Shopping

Slyce is an online app where photo caption of items that are available on sale are displayed on the app website, and then the buyers make contact to recognise the items and connect with the seller for buying. Slyce was founded in the year 2012 by two business partners, Mrs. Erica Racicot and Mr. Cameron Chell. Slyce went through some upgrading, support and system controlling before it was officially launched in the month of February, the year 2013 as the visual production technology. Slyce is also known as online classified markets where people sell and buy a wide variety of goods, products and services under different categories. These categories are grouped as buy and sell; services; real estates; jobs; cars and automotive services; business and earning opportunities. The headquarters of Slyce company are situated in Toronto, Canada.

How to use Slyce up is just straightforward. So long as you have a smartphone you are good to go. With your smartphone, you just take a photograph of the item you want to put on sale then, add some additional backup information about the product before posting the photo on the Slyce app. Slyce app will then advertise your product on the online platform, and you will get the buyer of the product easily, as simple as that.

Slyce plays a significant role in the creation of market opportunities for retailers. Slyce technology ensures that the retailer post his or her products for sale, and then Slyce markets for him or her. Slyce enables the retailer to be at the designated point to meet the requirements of his or her buyer. Slyce has also helped to reduce traffic in the shopping malls and shops through the online shopping arena. Consumers used to go to do shopping in malls and stores. After picking products from the counters they then queue for payments of the products. But with Slyce visual search technology that congestion is no more because consumers buy products while at their homes hence saving them time, transport cost and tiresome journey.

Slyce company has further gone an extra mile from just being primarily a consumer technology company to a brand marketing company. Slyce has gone to be a firm that provide diverse quality services in the market through the high established relationship with other companies. A company provides details of jobs or business opportunities to Slyce. Slyce then advertises the available opportunities to its subscribers, and also advertise on other social sites so that the users of the sites get informed about the opportunities. Slyce also is a boost to real estates investors. The investors use the app to market their holdings to the clients.