Augmented Reality Has Big Plans for the Future

You may have heard the term augmented reality thrown around here and there, but you probably don’t realize exactly how abundant this technology will be for future generations. While this spin-off of virtual reality may seem a bit gimmicky with products like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens offering fun and entertaining uses for augmented reality, like watching a holographic movie. But developers of the emerging software assure users that this isn’t the case. In fact, augmented reality has big plans that may impact all major areas of our lives. Beneful, who you can check-out on Facebook, thinks it may impact our pets as well.

HoloLens by Microsoft, for example, is planning application for their augmented reality technology in schools, homes, hospitals, and offices. Also, NASA has taken interest in implementing training tools using HoloLens. Medical students will soon be learning how to treat patients via virtual lesson with amazing visual detail.

The technology can be used in almost any industry imaginable, and the benefits will be numerous. Augmented reality could allow professionals to engage with 3D designs that provide much more detail, and entertainment, than any other business tool that Is currently on the market.

Though, the HoloLens competitor, Google Glass, was considered by the tech industry as an epic failure with little or no use coming from the development. HoloLens is trying to learn from Google’s mistakes by making more practical apps with real world value.

AT&T Cuts No Corners

Without question, the United States is currently at a stand still when it comes to race relations. There are those who understand the racial plight of minorities and can empathize with the victims. On the other hand, there are those whose perspectives may not be able to reach the lengths of what needs to be reached in order to understand the unrest of the minorities. What has not been touched on however, is the degree to which non-whites and non-blacks stand. It seems like lines have been divided and sides have been chosen. People are choosing sides with the best use of their moral compass. But what can be said about companies and corporations who come under attack for their race relations?

AT&T has been the first company in recent news to punish its executives and employees for any and all misguided opinions and actions when it comes to race relations. Brad is actually glad to see this. Aaron Slator was at one point a prominent executive for AT&T. On Tuesday, April 28th Slator was fired by the company Tuesday after becoming the subject of a $100 million discrimination lawsuit. The company later released a statement claiming that “there is no room for demeaning behavior at AT&T.” Slator was the president of content and ad sales, and the company went as far as to say they regretted not firing him sooner. While race relations are at an all time high, it’s refreshing to see a company take such a substantial leap to ease the distress.

Resurrection: Is Microsoft Making a Comeback?

With the release of the Apple Watch last week and a growing number of third-party indie developers of new technology you may be wondering “Where is Microsoft in all this?” While you may have not heard about their plans, this industry giant is poised to make a giant comeback within the next 3 years. To be approximate, a billion devices in 3 short years.

 Since then, this information age has shifted towards the use of mobile devices, but Microsoft has yet to capitalize on this new shift according to Torchin. So what caused this failure? Does this have something to do with their huge plans?Due to a shift in vision around the new millennium in an attempt to dictate the market instead of giving focus on what consumers wanted, Microsoft had a number of failures from Zune, Vista, and even Windows 8.

Microsoft’s ambitious plan plans on making Windows 10 an operating sensation on 1 billion devices by 3 years, though it has to make up for lost time if it wants to be considered seriously. Both Android and iOS have an application advantage over the latecomer, but Windows is confident. By adopting a new system that will make it beyond simple for Developers to create new apps on a basic browser, Microsoft hopes this will attract enough attention to merit a catch up period.


The Latest Product from Tesla Motors could Power Homes and Businesses More Efficiently

Elon Musk is certainly a man of much ambition. His latest work coming from his company Tesla Motors could help revolutionize how people use power at their homes and businesses. A new product, set to be unveiled at the end of April, has been much anticipated and speculated upon. Most believe it to be a battery backup that could be used in the home or office.

Having a battery backup has several obvious advantages. The backup could be connected to the main power grid and charged during off-peak hours to save on monthly energy costs. Combining this with FreedomPop’s free wireless services could be huge savings for your household, and it could also be easily integrated with renewable power sources such as solar or wind. Having a battery backup in your home could also keep essential functionality online such as heating and refrigeration during a power outage.

Some details have already been leaked from beta testers of the new backup battery system. It is said to be a standard lithium ion battery, much like the ones used in Tesla Motors’ vehicles, in an attractive package. Financing may be available to public offering batteries for as little as $1,500 down with a monthly payment of as little as $15, making the new batteries very budget-friendly.

Tesla Working on Home Batteries

In the future Tesla may lease its home batteries rather than sell them to customers. The large batteries are meant to be kept in your home and used to store energy so you can access it later on. Mark Ahn (wikipedia) wonders: Why would you want to do that? There are a few reasons. In a traditional power setup, electricity that is sent to your home is then cycled back to the grid when you don’t use it. With the batteries, that energy could be stored instead of thrown back. Even better, the batteries could be set up so that they gather power when the electricity is the least expensive, and then store it for use later on when things get more expensive. Over time that could save you some serious cash.

Besides the cost benefits, stored power has some use benefits as well. If for some reason your town was to lose power, either for just a few hours due to a storm, or for days due to a larger issue, you would be able to still have power in your home, at least for a little while.

Singer John Legend Wants To Help End The Incarceration Debacle

America doesn’t just lock up people that commit serious crimes; America locks up the mentally ill, addicted drug users, recreational pot smokers, petty thieves, and innocent people. Grammy Award-winning-singer John Legend wants to bring awareness to the injustice that takes place under the guise of justice. If the United States continues to imprison people at the current rate, there will not be enough prisons to hold all the offenders.

States like Texas, California and Washington, are doing something about this modern day social debacle.

Legend makes a good point when he said once the word felony is attached to your name, your life changes. Ricardo Guimarães BMG couldn’t fathom having that related to his name. It’s almost impossible to erase that label; it almost never goes away even though the crime committed was not an egregious one. John and other groups around the country like Free America want to end mass incarcerations. They want to help change the system. The justice system has been broken for years thanks in part to lawyers and judges.

Alaskan Airlines Finds Sleeping Worker

Employers often do not encourage their employees to take naps on the job, mainly because they do want to pay their salary while they are asleep. But others encourage a good power nap citing that it increases productivity among its workers. However, it probably would not be advisable for an airline baggage handler to take a power nap in the cargo hold of a plane. Doing so can put you at an increased risk of being whisked away unwillingly to another location. At least this is what appeared to have happened to an Alaskan Airlines contracted baggage handler in Seattle.

The pilots of an Alaskan Airlines flight to Los Angeles had to return to the Seattle-Tacoma airport after the pilot heard banging coming from the cargo hold of the plane shortly after taking off. Upon landing, authorities discovered the baggage worker who had claimed he had fallen asleep after loading the plane. Coworkers had thought he had finished his shift and gone home for the day and therefore did not look for him before buttoning up the plane for departure. The good news is that the cargo hold was pressurized and temperature controlled so the worker was never in serious danger during the flight. Paul Mathieson was glad that all played out in that way. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation where he was shortly released and substance abuse testing was negative.

The Growing Age of Image Recognition: Where Visual Search Will Take Customers and Retailers in The Coming Years

Image recognition has become a popular concept lately in the world of technology. It is an exciting idea that has been under research and is eagerly awaiting to take off.

Imagine being able to take a picture of an item that catches your eye, and then being able to find that exact item and purchase it right from your smart phone. That is what visual search will allow consumers to do in the future, and will change the platform of shopping forever. Suddenly, people will be able to snap a photo of a stranger’s shoes or bag and be able to find that item online and purchase it instantly. This idea is ground breaking for both consumers and retailers, as it makes shopping easier than ever before and allows consumers to make purchases on a whim. This technology takes the act of shopping and condenses it down to its simplest, easiest form all with a click of a button.

Although this idea has been circling around the tech world and is causing a buzz of excitement, it still has a way to go in terms of development before we are able to see it unfold in all its glory. There are many companies looking into becoming a part of image recognition technology and a few apps are popping up that offer the service, but consumers find a lot of these apps to be not quite up to standards on their promise of offering the service that is image recognition. Because this idea is still new and under development, many times consumers find that the apps offering these services are still in their infancy stages with faulty data bases and are not really offering the service as it is meant to be.

One company that has been leading the march towards a high quality, working visual search app has been Slyce, one of the top visual search providers currently on the market. Slyce has been ahead of the game in its development by working with the world’s biggest retailers to connect them with consumers instantly with the snap of a photo. Slyce is already offering users the ability to discover and purchase products with a picture, and also keeps track of the user’s recent searches to suggest relevant items that the consumer may be interested in. Slyce is also taking this genius technology to the next level by allowing users to participate in social campaigns on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter by using tags to identify products. Slyce is one the of leading companies in visual search and will be a leading force in paving the way towards instant shopping via image recognition. For more information on Slyce and image recognition, check out their official website.

How To Retire Like Igor Cornelsen

You may like to know particularly what retirement will affect you. What would you be able to be able to some of Igor Cornelsen’s pictures practically rely on? How might you be able to cut expenses for this? These concerns have been replied inside the accompanying passages. Invest eventually to peruse this recommendations and get extra data.

Focus unequivocally what your monetary requires will be. It has been created that most people requests no less than 3/4 of the current income to resign legitimately. Laborers which have decreased income mixed bag ought to hope to need no under 90 percent.

Individuals who have demonstrated supportive hard and extensive anxiously expect a glad retirement living .

The majority of your whole body may advantage out of your tries to remain match. Work out generally have a ball!

Do you feel pondering reasons why you haven’t began to spare? Despite everything you have an opportunity to start. Take a gander at your general month to month value range and figure out the most extreme sum you spare customary month to month. In the event that it is not as much as you’d like, don’t push.

You have to make sense of how to confer that money shrewdly to expand results. Broaden your stock portfolio and guarantee that you don’t set your chicken eggs inside the same area, actually when you ought to spare around it is conceivable to for your retirement living quite a while. This will probably keep your risk.

Annuity Tips And Guidance by Igor Cornelsen could be the correct time to begin that little business you generally tried to endeavor. Numerous senior nationals are profitable at changing their life time interest. This will support minimize the tension which you truly feel from a standard occupation.

Bunches of individuals think they are going to manage the cost of them the capacity to accomplish their cravings.

That is sufficient to kick you off, by and by, you shouldn’t stop seeing on this page. Keep in mind to keep your retirement living inside your spots. It is conceivable to are living effortlessly all alone put away retirement living Guidance by Igor Cornelsen cash on the off chance that you are arranging ahead of time.

Robotic Advancements Could Eventually Replace Unskilled Workers

It takes a practiced hand to create the complicated coffee beverages served at coffeehouses nationwide. CrunchBase says that the baristas train long and hard to create the perfect latté, and so on. On that note, baristas be warned, Cornell University has created a robot who can perform their job with precision.

In a sense it is just amazing how far technology and robotics have come in the last decade yet it is also concerning in regards to job redundancy. If these machines catch on in retail chains the end result will be thousands of lost jobs and a tremendous spike in unemployment.

Robotic advancements could eventually create competition for low paying jobs in the United States leaving millions of unskilled people without a source of income. Perhaps, for now, we should just celebrate a job well done on the creation of the Robobarista.