US Money Reserve Gold Coins Are Featured On The Radio

The US Money Reserve was on EPNS Radio in a feature that showed how they have the best gold coins for people who want to start investing in new things.

There are some who are totally avoiding their stocks or bonds because they know that it is just too complicated, but they will stick with the gold coins they buy from the US Money Reserve because the gold coins are the perfect investment.

The gold coins that people buy look really nice because they have good designs. The designs alone can look really interesting, and the designs can become something that people want to hold onto.

That means that they can get more coins that all fit the same design patterns, and they will have an amazing set of coins that could be sold or traded at shows.

The people who want to collect the coins can hold them for as long as they want, and the people who want to sell the coins for the profits can do it at any time.

The best part of the coins is that they have a really stable value. They are very simple for people to collect, and they are even simpler to sell. The sales will create easy profits for everyone, and they will create a plan for retirement that most people can collect when they retire. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

It is much easier for people to sell these coins because they can be traded and sold anywhere, and the coins become the primary currency that anyone can use to invest.

The gold coins are easy to check on, and people who have held onto them for a long time will notice instantly that they have something they can store in a safe or keep in a collection that will last for many years.

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Talk Fusion: Be Yourself


From the day you were born, you were probably told to get a job, any joy, keep that job, and love that job, no matter what it was. It was probably instilled in you and because of this, you might have played it safe. You took the job that offered you security as opposed to happiness. As the old adage goes, you can’t put a price tag on happiness. It either exists for you or it doesn’t. When it does exist, there is no better feeling in the world than having genuine happiness. People can tell when you are unhappy or something isn’t right. They have been around you long enough to know you and truly understand you. Because of this, when they see you happy, they are happy for you.

How does one become happy with their job? That is where Talk Fusion and Bob Reina come in with their incredible product. It is all about happiness, living out your dreams, and never having to live in fear again. So many people live in fear at their jobs. They feel as if they say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing, it might end up with them getting fired or let go. They have to answer to someone else and walk on eggshells.

However, Talk Fusion puts YOU in control and makes YOU your own boss. Gone are the days of doing work that means nothing to you. Now, you can live out whatever your dream is, each and every day. You can have your dream with you, thanks to Talk Fusion and Bob Reina. Bob Reina knows he is truly making a difference with this product. They offer video emails, video conferences, and so many other virtual methods. No matter what you are looking for, you can do it on Talk Fusion.

When you love your job, you are never working a day in your life because it doesn’t feel like a job. You can spend time with your family, go on vacation, but you can still know that your business is being taken care of with this product.

Sam Tabar Climbs the Career Ladder

It is very hard to get accomplished in the legal field. Sam Tabar is one of the few who has became very accomplished shortly after starting his legal career. He is known for being one of the greatest attorneys and is a well known capital strategist. He has worked extremely hard in building a positive reputation and strives to make every client happy. He is currently working in New York City for a company called ‘FullCycle Fund.’ Because of his numerous talents, he was given this position, among many previous positions as well.

Sam Tabar has also worked for Arps Meagher and Flom LLP, Skadden and Slater. He is a phenomenal business man and great Associate. It is no wonder so many people have wanted him to work for them. He focuses on business development and capital strategies as much as possible. The time he spent working for other companies definitely did not go to waste. Each company that he worked under has benefited from his skills and has grown exponentially because of his hard work. He has a true passion for his job and an even stronger passion for helping his clients.

SPARX Group is a popular company that has also benefited from the hard work of Sam Tabar. After his success at SPARX Group he decided to take a job offer at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Working for Bank of America gave him the ability to be a director and grow in knowledge. He worked in the Asia-Pacific Region during his career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. After a wonderful career at BOA, he decided to take a position at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. This company helped Sam Tabar decide to focus on compliance issues and specific hedge funds. During his career here, he build a reputation for himself that has pushed him to be an amazing attorney. He did amazing work for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP and continues to build in success and his career now that he is at the top.

Wengie Face Massage Overview

Facial massages can provide many benefits. If done properly, a face massage can firm sagging skin, brighten a dull complexion, and rid the face of aging spots. Regular face massages can promote slimming, as toxins will be eliminated and the skin will be tightened.

How to do a Wengie face massage

Each facial massage session should last about ten minutes, and facial oil and a facial massage tool should be used. You can choose between a Chinese spoon tool, a facial plate, or a traditional stone-crafted facial massage tool. The oil that you choose can be one of many, including rose hip, coconut, almond, olive, or hemp oil. Preference should be given to hemp oil if you suffer from acne or other skin conditions, because it doesn’t clog the pores.

Once you have gathered your oil and tool, you should apply the oil of you choice to your face. A well-lubricated face is important, because you don’t want to damage your skin by causing too much friction. You also want to ensure that you use an appropriate tool to avoid injuring yourself.

After you have applied the oil, take your tool, and using firm pressure, start at the top of your forehead and go from side-to-side in an upwards motion. Next, move to the eyes and again, use an upwards motion and sweep side to side. If you feel any dryness, be sure to reapply the oil. You may also focus more on any problem areas, such as dark circles under the eyes. Once you reach the neck area, be sure to massage this area in a downwards motion, in order to sweep the toxins into your body for elimination. Drinking plenty of water afterwards will be helpful, as it will help flush out any toxins.

While Wengie face massages are a terrific way to promote anti-aging and dramatically improve the appearance and feel of the skin, it can’t replace a good diet and regular facial care. It can, however, complement any healthy nutrition plan and good facial routine. You will likely see visible results following each session.


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Securus Is Easy For Our Church To Use

Our whole church is involved in a ministry that works for everyone because it was designed to help them get involved with people who need ministry and need help. We want to be sure that we are helping as many people as we can, and that is why we all as a church got together to start using Securus when we could. We have been using it ever since, and it is a very easy thing to manage. I thought that I would have to do a lot more work to explain to everyone how it works, but Securus really did create the most functional app possible.
Their app gives us a video feed into the jail where we can see who we are working with, and we have actually assigned certain people to work with certain other people. We are trying to build relationships, and we have even welcomed some inmates into our church once they have gotten out. We are not only helping to build people up, but we are able to see them so that they know that they have a partner in what we are doing. I am very pleased with the app I found from PR Newswire, and I think everyone in the church loves it, too.

I wanted to be sure that I could do something that would work well as a prison ministry, but I did not want to do something that was too impersonal. I made it so that we could all use Securus America app to talk to the inmates, and now some of the inmates that we have been working with are part of the church family and doing the same thing. We wanted to make a difference in their lives, and I am really pleased with the way that we have impacted everyone in our program.

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George Soros Attacked by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has made a career of launching ridiculous accusations at political figures without any concern for whether his statements are true at all. George Soros has been the target of particularly nasty accusations from Beck about his alleged role in the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Even though Beck has been scolded by much calmer and more respected voices in the broadcasting and political worlds, the fact that he had no intention of retracting his false statements or changing his unfortunate style of making headlines remains.

At the crux of Beck’s series of assaults on Soros is the accusation that Soros went out of his way to help the Nazis round up Jewish families in Hungary during World War II. This claim is particularly egregious given that George Soros Nazi was only 14 years old when the Nazis invaded and occupied Hungary in 1944. The picture that Beck carelessly paints of Soros is one of Soros directly aiding the Nazis in identifying Jews in Hungary to be sent to the Nazi death camps. In reality, Soros was a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council, which hoped to reduce the amount of violence inflicted upon the Jewish community in Hungary and wanted to appease the Nazis so that they would go away. Rather than tell his Jewish countrymen to submit to the Nazi terror, Soros actually told them to defy Nazi orders to show up at the concentration camps so that they would avoid a gruesome death.

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Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

While Beck’s charge that Soros is capable of toppling governments around the world is a stretch, it is true that Soros is actively involved in fighting oppressive regimes and bringing democracy and open societies to all parts of the world. Soros was a primary factor in the global downfall of communism, and he continues to speak and write about political oppression whenever he has the chance. Just because Beck is not on board with Soros’ progressive ideas and principles does not mean that Beck has the right to fabricate outrageous lies about Soros’ childhood. There is literally no evidence that Soros has been anyone other than a defender of freedom during crucial times in history.

Spreading the lies that Soros is actually an anti-Semite is a new low for Beck. While his intentions are to instill outrage and anger among the more ignorant members of society, Beck is really only succeeding in making himself look like a fool. Soros has a proven track record of opposing violence and discrimination by governments against their own citizens. He supports political candidates who take a progressive stance on defending human rights around the world and has never backed down from a challenge. Just because Soros stands up for the oppressed does not mean that he feels the need to address assaults on his character. Soros is grounded in his own values enough to let Beck’s unsubstantiated remarks go unaddressed. This is a sign of his selfless nature and focus on helping other people rather than himself.

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Why We Love Wen By Chaz (And You Should, Too!)

Originally, reviewed on Bustle, WEN Hair By Chaz, is a line of revolutionary cleansing conditioners created by Chaz Dean. This well-rounded hair care line has received many rave reviews since its inception. Dean originally created the product line for his celebrity clients in Hollywood, California. This cleansing conditioner provides salon quality results at home. Wen by Chaz takes the place of your traditional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. Having a five in one product like Wen by Chaz makes daily hair styling simple, and straightforward. Also, reducing the amount of hair products you need in the shower with you!
Wen hair by Chaz is known to work well with all hair textures with consistent application. Most users report on facebook feeling as though their hair is more manageable, moisturized, shinier, and stronger. If you are hesitant about the moisturizing aspect of this product because you have fine hair, you do not need to worry since this product is able to infuse moisture without weighing down the individual strands. Though for all hair types we recommend frequent styling, And if possible, daily styling to receive the optimal salon quality results. Giving yourself three weeks with this product maybe one of the best choices you make for your hair this year.

This cleansing conditioner has been carefully formulated to remove buildup from your hair while imbuing it with the rich moisture it desires. The sulfate free cleansing conditioner helps your hair to maintain its natural balance leaving your hair ultimately feeling smoother, thicker, and with the refreshing scent of sweet almond mint oil. The total user satisfaction in the majority of Wen by Chaz’s loyal users is the result of the extra care put into this formulation, and the quality of its ingredients. This product will not be matched by any other take-home hair care line. Wen hair can be purchased from Guthy-Renker and most salons nationwide.

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Portia Kersten on Skout’s Success and Making it in Business

Skout’s Chief Financial Officer, Portia Kersten, has worked with the international platform to help unite people. Throughout her career, Kersten has worked with emerging companies and established institutions in need of guidance as they sought expanded growth in their markets. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Kersten discussed what it took for her to get to the position she now enjoys in the startup world and where Skout is headed next.

Kersten began live in poverty. And though that presented a set of challenges and barriers she had to work past, she found stimulation in books, teaching her the importance of prioritizing things that matter. This work ethic has led her to work at companies like GE, where she learned to meet the challenges of business in a rapidly-evolving era. Such skills were easily transferable to her position at Skout.

Though highly capable on her own, Kersten has been quick to applaud her staff as essential in making Skout function as effectively as it has, managing the expected demands of running a company while also pleasing the many clients who use their service all over the world.

But Kersten’s personal success in business as a woman, she attributed to her adaptability to situations, which she urges all women seeking to enter a similar field to consider before doing so. Though the demands and expectations are high, Kersten suggests that anyone seeking success in business not shy away from applying their ideas when they seem sound regardless of the expected reaction they might receive. It’s that challenge of confidence fallback to reticence, Kersten says, is the biggest challenge women face in business.

Kersten is taking that intrepid attitude and applying it towards Skout’s future abroad. After launching their service in the Philippines and monitoring their use of the app during a medical crisis in the company. Kersten hopes to encourage similar applications of Skout in the future.

Skout is the largest app of its kind designed to unite more people interested in developing new relationships. By approaching social media through a unique avenue, Skout seeks to maintain the genuine nature of forming relationships though technology. This allows users to determine the kind of relationship they wish to develop with those in their area, and gives parents oversight of their teens’ utilization of the app as users are separated by age group.

Currently the Skout community is comprised of speakers in 14 different languages in more than 180 countries around the world.

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The Midas Legacy has the Midas Touch

Wealth management is something that a lot of people struggle with. The working class isn’t struggling with building wealth or retirement planning because this is hard. To the contrary, the concept of building wealth is quite easy. The majority of people struggle to build wealth, however, because they are uninformed. They are typically not educated on building wealth in school. They learn how to count money, balance checkbooks and finance things. They do not learn how to set up retirement plans, diversify investments and build wealth. Fortunately, the Midas Touch is working with clients to provide the higher learning that schools failed to provide.

With the Midas Legacy there are experts in place that know more than a few ways to build retirements. There are people in place that can tell you about earned income and passive income. There are people that can help you sort out the investments that can make more interest than you are currently seeing right now. That is the beauty of having knowledgeable people from The Midas Legacy in your corners. The consultants go out and collect information. People that are customers get the opportunity to reap the benefits of this type of information. That is why there are so many people that are looking for the opportunity to connect with these consultants and acquire a higher learning on stocks, bonds, money market accounts, real estate investments, 401K plans and annuities.

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The Midas Legacy has made it easier for people to put their money to work. That can be a very hard thing to do when you think that you do not have enough to invest. The experts here at the Midas Touch help potential investors see things in the different light. There are people in place that can even help the most skeptical investor see avenues for investing.

The Midas Legacy has a Midas Premium monthly newsletter that can help people that are interested in building their wealth. When people subscribe to this type of service they have the opportunity to build up their wealth from monthly valuable investment tips. That is often the best way to get the stocks tips and personal guidance that is needed to build up wealth.

A number of people have found that this Midas Legacy newsletter is worthy of the praise that it has received. This is one of those newsletters that provides a blueprint for continued success.

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Talk Fusion Improves Customer-Business Relationships Through Video Email And Newsletter Solutions

Businesses are always looking for ways to reach out to their customers and keep them coming back regularly to buy products and services, and recommend those products and services to friends. Having the right marketing techniques to do that make all the difference, and customers like marketing that’s shows them all the bells and whistles, but marketing that’s not intrusive or annoying to them. That’s where Talk Fusion comes in, a company that provides marketing platforms through video solutions through email, newsletters, live meeting, and chat programs. Talk Fusion’s solutions are simple to sign up for and are easily integrated into email platforms and can be used across any device.

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina, a man who has had a lot of fresh ideas and perspectives on how to make marketing easier for businesses. He’s been in the direct selling business for quite some time, but he founded Talk Fusion out of a purely recreational endeavor. Reina was on vacation one time when he took some short videos and wanted to send them back to his family through an email service, but could not do so because the files were too large to attach. He decided to work on a video email solution that could have a video feature built right into the email message without making it too bulky to store, and when that was completed he had created his own company, Talk Fusion.

Reina has been operating Talk Fusion now for nearly 10 years and continues to make the programs easier to use and purchase. Not only can his programs be bought directly by businesses for use, independent associates can market the video solutions to other businesses and earn commissions off of sales and trial signups. All the products of Talk Fusion are available for free trials and require no obligation to continue on into a paid membership.

Reina not only is a successful businessman, but a family man and a man active in his community. He has helped out local law enforcement agencies, non-profit health awareness groups, and youth sports. But probably his greatest passion is animal shelter and rescue groups and providing abandoned pets with loving, caring homes.