Eric Pulier: A Software Guru and a Philanthropist

Eric Pulier, the Co-Founder and CEO of the ServiceMesh, Inc. is an icon in the technology world. He started his programming career while in high school and to date has been developing software that has seen changes in many sectors of US from the medical world, education amongst other vital areas of life. He studied at Harvard University majoring in English and American literature, which made him an editor at The Harvard Crimson. In 1991, he established People Doing Things (PDT) a firm that dealt with using technology in health care and education. Later in 1994, he created interactive agency Digital Evolution and the Starbright World.

In 1997, Pulier having been chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in the Presidential Technology Exhibition, showed his expertise in developing initiatives in health care and technology forums. He also featured in other initiatives like the Clinton Global Initiative. He has founded and co-founded other organizations like SOA Software, Desktone, US Media Interactive LLC, Akana and Media Platform.

His love for technology has seen him invited to various technology forums and conferences. He ranked as one of the 30 e-visionaries by VAR Business. In his charity work, Pulier was involved in Multiple Sclerosis Society by creating a platform that would address the condition. He also together with his team helped develop the first private social media network, Starbright World which would allow children with chronic illnesses connect online. He has served in other organizations which support vulnerable groups like the XPrize Foundation, Painted Turtle. He also created Starlight World, a game which would help children with diabetes get a clearer understanding of their condition.

vAtomic Systems, Pulier’s new venture has surprised the global market with how a minute macro element would have a great impact on the economy by digitizing commodities and transforming them into interactive digital experiences. Pulier believes in persistence, and that blockchain technology will change the nature of commerce.

Born in 1968 from Los Angeles, California, Eric Pulier is an established columnist, an entrepreneur, author, and a philanthropist. He has been a pillar in seeing small organizations in the media and technology industry grow tremendously.

Human Rights Activist of all times- Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a people lover that is the reason why he founded Human Rights Foundation. The 40 years old who is half Venezuelan and half Norwegian founded his organization which is based in New York in 2005. His background is an adventurous as well as royal, as his paternal grandfather was a counsel of the Venezuelan king during two world war two. In his era as counsel, the Germans invaded his home, and he was forced to turn away the Norway’s fleet to Venezuelan ports. Thor’s mother had originated from the family of the first Venezuelan President Cristal Mendoza and Simon Bolivar the Liberator, a military leader who assisted the Latin America’s to win from Spain.

Thor did not only originate from a royal family, but also from a social activist background. His grandfather Oystein was on the frontline in the fight against corruption and after exposing the government corruption he was jailed and tortured during the period he was working on a drug Czar in Venezuela. His mother who also fought for humanity was shot while demonstrating in an anti-Chavez protest. Currently, his first cousin Leopoldo Lopez is in jail for political reasons as he was in the forefront in challenging the Chavez regime that refused to end with its namesake.Thor Halvorssen himself was arrested after he and his cameraman traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to interview the founder of Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam after his church was forbidden and was given 28 years house arrest. Thor trust that he is not a conformist instead he is a “Classical Liberal.” His love for humanity makes him to not only talk about human rights but to up his sleeves and get ready to get dirty for the sake of humankind.

Thor was born in Venezuela to a father who was Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-narcotics Affairs in the Administration of Carlos Andres Perez; he also worked for the Venezuelan Senate Commission as a special overseas investigator. Thor was born on March 9, 1976, and he has been known in the fight for humanity and advocacy. He is also a film producer with main contributions in the field of public policy, individual rights as well as human freedoms, public interest support, and pro-democracy promotion.Thor’s passion and dedication for social advocacy led to establishing several human rights organization including Human Rights Foundation as well as Oslo Freedom Forum which is an annual congregation that economist have labeled as the human rights festival. Halvorssen is also the supporter of Czech-based Children’s Movement as well as On Own Feet. The University of Pennsylvania has honored him for defending students’ speech.

Standing for the Oppressed with Thor Halvorssen

A man who refers to himself as a classical liberal and refuses to be called a conservative liberal has seen all the world of dictatorship has to offer. He has been on the forefront against human oppression and dictatorial regimes for some while. The man been referred here is Thor Halvorssen. Thor was born 40 years ago in Venezuela before fleeing to the United States of America many years later. Other than fighting for human rights and democracy, he is a film producer. He is well known for Human Rights Foundation as well as the Oslo Freedom Movement. Currently, Thor Halvorssen is based in New York, New York and is the Chairman of Human Rights Foundation.

In the year 2010, Thor Halvorssen was at the receiving end of the Vietnamese government when he was caught filming secretly in the country. He has gone to Vietnam with his cameraman to document events about a banned church movement in Hon Chi Minh City. He was detained in the country and was released after he convinced the authorities that he was a Buddhist seeker. He believes in doing more than talking about human rights. Instead, one ought to get down and gets hands dirty fighting for the rights of the people. Thor Halvorssen says he love people and humanity. What he loves more is the people who stand up for their rights and speaks out against oppression.

Thor Halvorssen was born in a royal family. His father descended from a Norwegian king while his mother was from the family of the first president of Venezuela. Things got difficult when Thor Halvorssen exposed corruption in the Venezuelan government. For this reason, his first cousin is in jail in Venezuela for opposing the government. When he exposed this corruption, his father was detained and tortured to reveal some information about him and how he had obtained the corruption documents. On the other hand, his mom was shot and killed in an anti-government protest in the country. As the leader of the Human Right Funds, Thor Halvorssen has worked with other prominent human right activists from other parts of the world such as Garry Kasparov and Vaclav Havel.

Bruno Fagali Is a Recognized Attorney in Brazil

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian lawyer and the originator of FAGALI advocacy, is recognized for his professionalism and integrity to legal matters. Being a specialized, lawyer, he is proficient in Public & Anti-Corruption Law, where he takes care of urban law, administrative contracts, administrative improbity actions, administrative & civil liability processes, public civil actions, regulatory law, expropriation actions and popular actions among others.

Bruno Fagali is furthermore operating with nova/sb being the Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/sb is an esteemed marketing company within Brazil that handles a large amount of promotion campaigns, from government and international organizations such as International Labor Organization, World Health Organization etc. Bruno Fagali is dealing with the Corporate Integrity Program inside the agency and assists the organization to establish an ethics committee. He additionally started uniform treatment for both workers and members. Bruno Fagali likewise takes care of special training on matters of integrity to its workers in different offices.

In the first years of his profession, Bruno Fagali operated as intern in various law companies. He also worked as attorney in Calil, Radi and Associados advocacia prior to starting his company. About his education, Bruno Fagali pursued his Bachelor’s Law Degree at the Pontifical Catholic University (São Paulo). He is likewise part of the several other law associations in Brazil.

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Adam Milstein Honored As A Top Philanthropists

What does it take for people to become effective leaders? There are many things that are needed to become an effective leader. While there are a lot of things that people need to be a successful leader, some things are more important than others related to leadership. One of the primary things that is needed to be a successful leader is excellence communication skills.


Leaders must be able to communicate effectively. In both oral and written form, communication is vital regarding leadership on many levels. Leaders must be able to communicate with team members, employees, volunteers, business associates, the public, and others who communicate with the particular organization.


Communication is the core of success in almost all organizations. Some organizations require a higher level of communication than other organizations. In the same manner, leadership is different depending on the type of organization. One of the organizational types where leadership is at a premium is charities and related organizations. Communication is not only important in these types of organizations, it is directly linked to organizational success.


Since financial contributions impact how most charities operate, leadership with excellence communication skills is vital. A professional who has excellent communication skills is Adam Milstein. He is a well known philanthropist who has helped many people in his lifetime through giving of money and other assistance.

Adam Milstein is listed as one of the 200 most influential philanthropists around the globe. His leadership skills have been vital to him in the philanthropy community and his family foundation. Adam Milstein is a leader in the Jewish community who has helped the community in many ways. He helps concerning many organizations within the Jewish community and outside the community that work to help the Jewish community.


Adam Milstein has shown a great determination to make a difference in the lives of people through his various efforts. As a philanthropist, Adam Milstein has made it a point to help in areas where he sees that help is needed. The dedication that he has shown over the years is rare and much appreciated inside and outside the Jewish community.

How the Wen By Chaz Products Can Change Your Life

Perhaps your fine hair is flat and has zero bounce, and you think that you have tried just about every product on the market. Luckily, you still have a resource that could transform your life if you give it a try. The WEN products for fine hair will do something you never expected from a hair care product, get you amazing results with little effort.

Before talking about how the product worked, you need to know a little about the Wen By Chaz story. Chaz Dean ( is a stylist to the stars in Los Angeles, and this mellow and laid-back stylist has his own line of hair care products that are changing the way you style your hair.

Not happy with the initial success of his hair care products, Dean is constantly working to develop new products that will help everyone with different types of hair to maximum their look. Now it doesn’t matter if you live in Trenton New Jersey or Anchorage Alaska, you too can have the same quality hair that many of Dean’s famous client lists enjoy.

As reported originally on Bustle, one of the Wen By Chaz products that was designed exclusively for oily fine hair was put to the test. Even though this young lady worked in a hair salon, her hair was flat and uninspiring. When you are working on clients who expect the best and your hair is a mess, it really can have a negative impact on business.

After a week of trying the cleansing conditioner for fine hair, the results speak for themselves. This young stylist had oily and flat hair, and now she can rush out the door in the morning with bouncy and full hair that turns heads. These results seem to be consistent with many who love the Wen hair care products.

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More hair care tips available on the Wen Facebook page.

Adam Goldenberg: An All-Round Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Adam Goldenberg is a serial businessman and co-CEO of JustFab Inc. Adam and his business partner Don Ressler have managed to create very successful companies. JustFab is one of the firms that the duo founded and has transformed to become a top brand in the fashion industry. JustFab mainly deals with shoes, apparel, and handbags tailored to suit the fashion of every woman across the globe. Recently, the fashion line company rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group. Adam Goldenberg termed the move to change corporate identity as necessary because the new name reflects the transformation the company has undergone to become a strong brand propelled by personalization and data. Initially, the firm only held JustFab, but over a short period it has transitioned into operating other top brands including Shoedazzle, Fabletics and FabKids.

In 2014, JustFab raised funding of over $85M. The exercise was led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund with additional funding coming from existing investors including Technology Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners and Shining Capital reported on This primary funding pushed the company’s capitalization to $250 million. Goldenberg said that the attractiveness of the valuation and investor interest are contributing factors that necessitated the move to raise more capital on The co-CEO further expressed his optimism about the success of 2014 round of funding, which he noted that the company’s management and investors are on the right path into building a business valued at $3B to $5B.

The round also earned JustFab a position on companies valued over $1 billion, which are commonly known as unicorn. When Goldenberg was asked how he feels about the new status of the company, he pointed out that they never look at themselves as unicorn at He also took advantage of the opportunity to praise the firm’s employees for their concerted efforts in building brands that are responsive to customer needs.

Adam Goldenberg started his business journey at a very tender age of 16 years. Since then he has managed to continuously build many successful business ventures. Gamer’s Alliance Inc. was the inaugural company for Adam’s entrepreneurial pursuits. He later sold the advertising agency to Intermix Media and joined the same company as Vice President of Strategic Planning. Goldenberg climbed the career ladder to become the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media. He later left the firm and joined forces with Don Ressler to found Intelligent Beauty Inc. Afterward, the savvy businessmen formed JustFab, which is a top brand today.

Eric Lefkofsky and the Fight Against Cancer

While Eric Lefkofsky does not have cancer and never has in the past, he has been personally touched by the disease. After he saw a huge amount of success with his company, Groupon, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. It created a very negative impact on his family and caused them all to struggle with the problems that came from it. He never wanted anyone to have to deal with the problems that came from cancer again and, for that reason, he set out to create a company that would help people who were fighting for their lives against cancer.

Eric was confident in his abilities to create businesses and successful companies. Before the work that he did to bring the reality of Groupon to different people, he also worked with other companies. These were mainly tech-related companies and options that people had to be able to do more with the options that they had. It was also something that he had to work hard at but once he discovered the right way to make things happen, he was confident in his ability to make it better for the people who he was helping out with the problems that they had.

As a business person, Lefkofsky saw cancer as just another problem that he would be able to fix. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to fix it on his own and, for that reason, he hired Mark White. With the help of a professional geneticist, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to make great strides with his cancer-fighting company – Tempus. This has allowed him the chance to make sure that things are going to get better for cancer patients and for their families. He wants to continue the fight against it with Tempus while he is working with White to make cancer obsolete. Eric at Twitter .

The two have worked together for just a short time but they have already created big waves in the industry. They are doing things to help cancer patients that nobody has seen before and it is making a difference in the lives of hundreds. for more .

Jason Hope – A futuristic View On Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a writer who frequently published commentary and articles on the latest technological advancements. He has built a reputation for himself. He is regarded as an expert, and his opinions are highly valued.

Jason Hope believes in the Internet of Things. That is a term for the connection of technological pieces which allows devices to sync. This daily phenomenon is not reserved for laptops and phones only. It also encompasses every piece of technology from kitchen appliances to street lamps that have a sync feature. The Internet of Things is a huge deal because it can reduce waste of resources such as water and energy, it can allow busy people to spend less time and retain an even increase their productivity levels, and it can revolutionize classrooms and business offices. The Internet of Things might quickly become the greatest invention I n the history of technology.

Jason Hope is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is extremely passionate when it comes to technology and has a futuristic view on the matter. He attended the Arizona State University and graduated with a major in Finance. He also got an MBA from the Carey School of Business. Jason Hope also does philanthropy and business. He is very interested in the world of politics and how politics in Arizona influence the business industries in the area. Jason Hope office serves as a consultant on his personal website. He helps business owners expand their startups, teaches them how to interact with clients, and become more successful.

Get An Equity Loan Right The First Time

If you are looking for a loan on equities, you might want to consider a few things first. Equities — that is, stocks and bonds that you own — have values that change all the time. As the market fluctuates, so do the values of your equities. Most, however, slowly rise in value, and if they are good investments, retain value and pay dividends as well.When you go to a lender to ask for a loan using these equities as collateral, they will eventually lend the money — only after certain conditions are met, which may take some time. They will give you a high interest rate, low loan to value ratio, and will want a business proposal drawn up to let them know how the funds will be used.

Why not just go to Equities First US, first? They are not interested in seeing your business proposal. What you do with the funds is of no interest to them, because the equities are collateral for the loan, not your plans for the business.Their interest rate is lower by several percentage points than conventional lenders, and they have a much higher loan to value ratio, as much as eighty per cent.

Conventional lenders are stagnated by rules, regulations, and policies. Equities First US is a private lender, so they don’t answer to governments or stockholders. They are responsible to you, their clients, and to themselves.When you are faced with an emergency situation and need funding right away, go see Equities First. There is a reason they have that name.