Is Dr. Mark Mckenna The Real Deal?

Greatness comes in many different forms as well as come in many different facets in life. If you know anything about medical aesthetics, then you’re aware of all the advanced breakthroughs in technology. In order to use this technology, you will need the training that accompanies the usage of such innovative products. Working in the medical field requires full-attention or you could have a huge lawsuit on your hands. Mark McKenna, M.D., MBA, is a medical-aesthetics genius to some degree. The guy has up to 20 years of experience, and he has owned two of the most successful medical practices that specialize in this exclusive sector.

Dr. Mark McKenna is actually the son of a medical doctor. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from tree after all. He received his medical training from Tulane University Medical School, and he worked at his father’s practice for rive years. Unlike other medical professionals, McKenna had other plans in mind. While in college, he would moonlight at correctional facilities by providing physicals to the inmates. “I charged $50 per hour, and I invested every penny of it into real estate,” said McKenna. This man was investing into his future while he was in college and this demonstrates just how focused he was at a young age. While practicing medicine, McKenna was able to start a host of side-businesses, including:

  • Uptown Title Inc.
  • McKenna Venture Investments

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s real estate development firm, McKenna Venture Investments, was generating millions of dollars on an annual basis. McKenna was able to live a great lifestyle by holding onto a $500,000 salary. The next big thing for Dr. Mark McKenna was launched earlier in 2018. This medical practice offers elective-aesthetic procedures. OVME has taken the game to a completely different level, and it can literally transform someone’s life for the better via minimal-invasive procedures. Building the confidence of its customers/clients is the main goal and Dr. Mark McKenna is the architect for doing so.

Hard Work and Determination are all you Need, says Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert developed an interest in entrepreneurship at a tender age. One thing he understood was that dedication and hard work would earn him all that he wished for. Having studied production management at Montreal Business School, he set out on the journey of his career. He first worked at General Motors, outputting admirable work.

A real entrepreneur values career growth. It is for this reason that Louis Chenevert decided to leave General Motors after a series of promotions in the 14 years he worked there. He later worked at P&W Company, a constituent company of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC), before moving to UTC.

Chenevert’s achievements at UTC

Louis enabled the United Technologies Corporation to realize a significant change. He first worked towards a 10% reduction in production cost, as well as the construction of the turbofan engine with reduced consumption of 16% and emissions by 50%. Hard work and determination landed Chenevert a position as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC in about two years of working as a director. He transferred all production activities to the home country, enabling cheap labor and quality output. With the impressive work done by Chenevert and his team on engine F135, the company landed a contract with the US Navy. Success was being achieved within short periods of time. By his retirement time, Chenevert had accomplished an increase in stock from $37 to $117 per share.

Life after retirement

Having been a busy man in a better part of his life, sitting idle has never been one of Chenevert’s options. Louise still works even in his retirement and currently serves as the chairman of the advisory committee at Yale Cancer Centre. To date, he still insists that hard work and determination are the central requirements for success.

More about Louis Chenevert

Being a hard worker, Chenevert earned himself the title as the Person of the Year in a US aviation magazine in 2012. He also got an Honor award from the National Building Museum in 2009. He is a Canadian, born in Montreal, Quebec. Louis is indeed a hardworking person worth being used a role model to young people.

GoBuyside (NY Recap)

Sometimes a company can feel swamped, like a person on a lonely island. It may appear that no hope is in sight, until they see a rescue boat heading in their direction, eventually guiding them to safety.

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Google’s Chrome 67 allows for “password-free sign-ins” for many websites

A stable Google Chrome 67 update has been made available for Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems. With the recent Google Chrome browser update, the web browser is now making it easier for users to return to their favorite websites and log-in without entering their information each time. Chrome 67 is the latest version of the browser just released by Google and thanks to a new standard for web technologies it can give users ease of access.


A report from The Verge indicates that “password-free” sign-ins (and sign-ups) have been enabled for the new Chrome browser on “most websites.” The Verge says that Mozilla Firefox was the first to adopt the Web Authentication standard which was first launched this past March. Thanks to that standard, Google was able to integrate the password-free feature onto the newest Chrome 67 version for desktop users.


There are some other interesting aspects being integrated into the Chrome 67 browser. One of those aspects will help to increase site isolation. This means that users operating the browser with multiple tabs open at once won’t have to worry that one site accesses data from another on their open tabs.


In addition, it’s been suggested that Google is looking to have other gadgets associated with the desktop browser. For example, it’s reported by Verge that Chrome will have better compatibility with virtual reality using the Generic Sensor API. This standard has been used in many VR headsets and fitness trackers that are available today.


As ZDNet reported, the concept behind Chrome 67 and other browsers using “password-free” methods for website sign-ins, or sign-ups, is to allow users a way to access websites using fingerprints, facial images, or USB keys to authenticate their login.


In addition to the previously mentioned browser updates and features, Google also has fixed a total of 34 security bugs present in the previous version of the browser. Nine of those were classified as “high-severity flaws,” with 12 considered “medium-severity.” The flaws were initially reported by external researchers to help Google make the browser more secure.

Sahm Adrangi: Dishonesty In QuinStreet

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is 33 years old and serves as the Chief Investment Officer for the firm in New York City. Sahm Adrangi has extensive experience in his field. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University. Upon graduating, he has held many positions before founding his own company. He worked as a financial analyst at Longacre Fund Management and the Restructuring Investment Banking Group. He also worked as an analyst at the Leveraged Finance Investment Banking firm. The last job he held was at the successful private investment firm, Longacre. It has more than $1 billion in assets. Kerrisdale Capital serves as an investment manager that aims to focus on investments driven by particular situations. The firm is very successful because of this approach and intends to create a chain reaction by sharing investment ideas with people in the investment community. Currently, in the news, Sahm Adrangi has issued a negative report on QuinStreet, Inc. QuinStreet, Inc. is known as NASDAQ, the well-known internet marketing company. The stock price has recently quadrupled which is good news for investors. At the same time, Sahm Adrangi believes that the company has been participating in dishonest means to increase its revenue. He believes that the traffic going to the network is suspicious and phony. The revenue is increasing at the expense of the clients which is not fair. Looking further into Adrangi’s beliefs, it is evident that he is right. The growth in QuinStreet’s revenue has come from one client which is an unheard of incident. If it were an honest deal, management wouldn’t be so quick to keep it a secret. As a result, Sahm Adrangi has terminated the Kerrisdale position with QuinStreet, Inc. It is a smart idea for Adrangi to pull out of the partnership with the firm. Besides, Kerrisdale still wins in the case that the share price drops. In the fact that this happens, Kerrisdale will earn a good amount of money. It is better this way as it avoids sudden drops in the share. Honesty can go a long way when referring to the reputation of a company.

Finding the Best Financial Fitness Advice in Australia

The financial planner is great because there are so many things that an expert in the field of financial planning can show you. The Infinity Group Australia is designed to help people that are interested in acquiring a better portfolio model for their finances.


The great thing about a financial planner is their knowledge. When you have someone in place that knows about the different investments that you can make to build your portfolio you have a much better chance of improving your returns on investment. This is what most people struggle with when they are trying to develop sound financial plans. There are a lot of people that have disposable income that they are not doing anything with. Some people become excessive spenders just because they have never connected with a financial planner that can give them an angle to how they should improve their finances.


This is the good thing about having access to a financial planner. These are professionals that can take a review of what you have been doing with your finances and help you restructure the way that you look at money. It is good to get with a financial planner because they can help you specify your goals and concerns to the money that you make. In Australia the Infinity Group has these financial planners in place that are able to help you sort through index funds, stocks and annuities. They can even help you diversify your portfolio where you look into international investment opportunities.


This has become a great thing for anyone that is seeking to become more financially aware of what they need to do as they get older. At every stage in life there are different financial goals that you need to consider reaching. It is never a good idea for anyone to simply make and spend everything that they make. It is always better to have a plan where you are continuously growing your finances.


There are many reasons to consider a financial planner like the ones that are part of the staff with Infinity. Some people have a great need for debt consolidation. Others may have a desire to establish retirement plans. It is in your best interest to get someone that knows about finances to help you improve your financial fitness. This is the best way to make sure that you are prepared for your future. As you advance in your career and your goals become more defined for your home and family there should also be a defined plan for your finances as well. People should take the time to sort out those things that can lead them to financial independence by mapping a financial road map. Learn more:

Google planning to challenge iPhone X with new Pixel 3 phones this year

Google is looking to ramp up its competition in the smartphone market as they directly challenge Apple’s iPhone X. Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has said they are planning two new models for release later in 2018. These will be the anticipated Google Pixel 3 smartphones with a few interesting new updates.


As Bloomberg reported via sources familiar with the subject on Wednesday, the newest Google smartphones are expected to be called the “Pixel 3” and “Pixel 3 XL.” The larger of the two phones, the XL model, will feature a thicker bezel at the bottom of the screen which will be almost “edge-to-edge.” In addition, it will feature a notch, something many of the smartphone manufacturers have been using in their designs. Meanwhile, the Pixel 3 models will be similar in terms of their visual presentation to the Pixel 2. That means no edge-to-edge look or notch included on the Pixel 3 phone.


Google’s latest smartphones will also arrive just after Apple unveils its newest iPhone models. It’s expected that Apple will release a new lower-cost model of the iPhone, as well as two other phones: a new size iPhone X and a 6.50-inch screen size phone. Details of the what all the newest iPhones will include are still scarce despite plenty of speculation on the internet.


The news of Google’s latest updated model of their Pixel phone shows that the company is continuing to try to battle with market leaders Apple and Samsung. Both companies have sold many more units than Google’s phones, despite the fact that the Google phones have been given heaps of praise as some of the best Android model phones available today.


It’s being said that once again Verizon Wireless Inc. will serve as the exclusive cellular carrier for the latest Pixel phones in the United States. The new Pixel 3 model smartphones are expected to be unveiled in October of this year with prices and more specific details expected to come in the months leading up to release.

Ara Chackerian investment to the healthcare.

Ara Chackerian is a business person and also philanthropy who is lives in San Francisco. He is a man who has made himself proud of what he has done to the community-based efforts to help the people. He has focused a lot on the healthcare service where he has spent much to bring to together technology to be hand in hand with healthcare service to provide for all without bias. Ara Chackerian has dedicated his interest in healthcare, and he has had many board members who have come up to help him build the healthcare sector. He has also taken concern in environmental and youth development with a lot of interest to see how the youths can help develop the community. Check out Medium to see more.


According to the news version, the Limonopa Teak has been taken seriously as it is environmental friendly regarding the agricultural practices and this has contributed to enhancing the operations done rather than spoiling the local environment. The agricultural farm has helped hundreds of community members as it has given them room to be workers who are well paid for their hard work seen on the farm.


Ara Chackerian idea came up when his longtime partner wanted to venture a lot in building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers to promote health and so they joined hand and started to build a network of centers in Northern California. Their provider had a suggestion of them to try outpatient psychiatry space, and they majored on a new device based treatment for depression known as the transcranial magnetic stimulation. The form of therapy that they chose seemed promising when their research into technology and they saw how treatment leads to the realization that TMS had the capability of becoming the third pillar of psychiatric care together with medication and therapy talks.


The Mental Health Awareness Month is a significant occasion of the year dedicated to recognize and appreciate people with mental illnesses. Every year during this month, different groups come up to sponsor various events to educate, inform and most essential to assist the public and those people with mental illness. Millions of people work directly or indirectly with this people within the field, and this makes it a challenge for one cannot be able to identify them.



Click here:


Internet Trends report shows smartphone shipments were down for first time in 2017

It appears that the growth of the mobile phone market may have stalled as a new report has shown that smartphone shipments were down for the first year in 2017. The new information comes from venture capitalist Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report. It presented the evidence that smartphone shipments declined by 0.5 percent in 2017, which could be a significant trend to take note of.


As The Verge reported, the 2016 findings were that smartphone shipments showed a two percent growth. However, in 2017 that wasn’t the case, as shipments declined by 0.5 percent. In addition, it’s mentioned that the average selling price for smartphones has fallen in recent times. This seems to indicate that more people are choosing to stay with an older model mobile phone they have rather than rushing out to get the newest model each year.


It’s also mentioned in the latest trends report that internet user growth was up seven percent in 2017. In the prior year, internet user growth was up 12 percent. The newest number seems to indicate some slowing in terms of how many new people are becoming internet users. On average, the vast number of people who do currently use the internet are doing so for about 5.9 hours per day.


When it comes to smartphones, there have been so many different models released in recent years that it’s become easier to get a good deal. People can buy a decent model that is a year or two old and still enjoy good specs and features with that phone. The newest phones are having trouble wowing anyone with the features which may seem too gimmicky at the moment. However, one has to think there will be some room for improvements and upgrades with concepts such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the Blockchain all becoming very relevant for future technology.


Modern Tech Gadgets Are Creating Increasing Convenience

With modern technology, our lives have been made a lot easier. A modern tech gadget can now do almost everything that a human being does. Additionally, these tech gadgets are enabling people to connect with each other regardless of their physical location. In future, it is likely that many more sophisticated devices with modern technology will continue being invented.




An example of a device that has created convenience especially while travelling is the portable power banks. Today, people want to be connected to their families, friends and loved ones at any time of the day. They also want to catch up with the recent news. The portable power banks have come in handy to ensure that smartphone’s do not shut down due to low battery.




Travelling using the plane has also become convenient in that a GPS tracking dot can be used to locate the luggage. Luggage can go missing, and this can be very stressful. With this modern tech device, you can quickly find it.




The fitness tracker is also another modern tech device that facilitates fitness lifestyle. With this device tied around your wrist, you get to see the number of steps you have walked, the calories that you have lost and the quality of sleep you get. This device is especially important to people who love working out and living healthily.




How about enjoying silence during your flight. Noise cancelling ear buds enable you to travel without being disturbed by the noise made by the aero plane’s engines. There is also a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker which allows you to listen to music at any place comfortably.




All these modern tech gadgets give you a comfortable and impressive travelling experience. To get the best out of them, you ought to have an internet connection all the time. Therefore, these gadgets determine the kind of accommodation you seek as you travel. Choose a hotel that has internet accessibility.