The Start Master Class-Reasons Why Entrepreneurs are Going Back to School

Lately, a majority of the entrepreneurs have opted going back to school. This is in an attempt to venture into new businesses; to learn what they might be missing out or for better management of family businesses. With the high level of technology; there is need to ensure that you keep up with the progress to maintain the market and satisfy their needs accordingly.
Currents even successful business people with large enterprises are going back to acquire a master’s degree or Ph.D. in business management. Going to school molds you to an all rounded entrepreneur; making you more competent in the field. Jensen’s, a lecturer of entrepreneurship, says that the entrepreneurs come back to school with dots about the ideas of entrepreneurship and the professors join in the dots and complete the puzzle of their students.
Their many programmers that are being offered to entrepreneurs, different individuals will take on various programs depending on their area of specialization. These programs are very crucial, and the future of the business may solely depend on that knowledge. Recent research has shown that the failure of many companies would have been avoided if the entrepreneurs had gone to school prior to the opening of the business to learn the required skill to run their businesses.
One of the success entrepreneur, Campbell, saying that going to school greatly improved the profit margin of his business. This is as a result of getting acquainted with the accounting process, pricing, inventory process and international trade agreements. He says that the cost of his education is way below the added profits in his business.
Going back is, therefore, the new trend in the business world. It’s wise to get equipped with the right tools before you embark on your entrepreneurship journey. If you’ve already started on your journey, you can still spare a little time to go back and pick up what you may have missed for better results.

Netflix Sees Stock Soar

For the past decade one of the top tech companies in the world has been Netflix. While Netflix started as a company that shipped DVDs to people at a more affordable rate, they have continued to disrupt the entertainment industry. After putting traditional DVD rental businesses out of business, they now appear to having a big impact on the traditional home cable service providers. While they have had a negative impact on the traditional cable companies, they appear to be a big hit with investors as the stock for the company went up more than ten percent in value this week (

On Tuesday morning, investors in Netflix stock received some great news about the performance of the company. Netflix announced that they had added more than 5.3 million new users in the past quarter of 2017, which was almost twice what the market was expecting. This was just the latest example of growth in the company that has not been matched by any other providers in the country.

Overall, the company reported $2.79 billion in revenue in the quarter, which was just a little bit higher than the estimates. What was surprising to many people was that the company actually reported a smaller net profit of just 15 cents per share compared to Wall Street estimates of 16 cents per share.

While Netflix is clearly a leader in content providing and will continue to have an impact on the entertainment industry, the company does still have to deal with concerns over cash burn. The company has focused a lot on buying content over the past few years. While this has attracted a lot of customers to the service, it has led to a big cash drain. Cash flow was negative $920 million in 2015 and negative $1.7 billion in 2016.

The Advent Of The Autonomous Car

In the near future companies like Apple and Google, which have succeeded in phones and electronic technology, they now can enter a new business for themselves as carmakers. Many of you have probably heard of Google’s autonomous car.. I wonder at what point are we currently developing this car? What can we do in the autonomous car? Can I drive the car even though the car is set to drive itself? How fast can autonomous vehicles be driven? Is there a danger of the threat of online hackers to autonomous vehicles? I also find myself wondering, in how much control will I be if I am driving this car? Will the company have more control over my whereabouts than I do?

Currently, a number of automotive manufacturers are actively developing vehicles with complete autopilot installed systems. Also most cars are equipped with electric motors, which are operated with batteries. For example, the company developed Audi’s autonomous vehicle tentatively called A9. Even the company Mercedes has invested millions of dollars into developing an innovative car of the future, which will be a completely autonomous vehicle operating on autopilot. The development is based on the car’s futuristic concept, which was presented in several exhibition rooms in 2015. The concept was named Mercedes-Benz F 015.

From the beginning, the automotive industry is one that has operated on the legislative level, so it is well known that the driver must sit in the front seat of his car, with hands on the steering wheel. For example, according to most of the laws in western civilized countries, during the ride, the driver should always have both of their hands upon the steering wheel, except his movements change only to shift gears. But with the advent of autonomous vehicles, all of these so called rules of the road, will soon change. For example, with this new development, a designated driver may legally jump into the back seat and take a nap as the car is moving, never having to intervene in the vehicle’s auto-piloted driving. In addition, the driver could sit in the passenger seat now, without even touching the steering wheel, as keeps reading the newspaper while finishing his breakfast.

Greg Secker: The Multifaceted Businessman and International Speaker

When Greg Secker is mentioned in business circles, he elicits an aura of a multifaceted businessman. The 42-year-old businessman has several feathers in his cap. He is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, master trader and an international speaker. Secker has founded Knowledge to Action group, an umbrella trading company that has several subsidiary companies under its wings. FX Capital, a forex investment service, SmartCharts Software for the latest trading technology and Capital Index which is a new brokerage firm. He also has the Greg Secker foundation which commits to positively impacting and improving lives of people around the globe.

Conversely, Greg says it is important to think of an idea and its outlook in several stages, fall in love with what you vision as the outcome, and then imagine the steps you would take for you to get to the right outcome. Greg believes that freedom of thought, choice, and companies competing for client’s business are a culmination of technology. This is the trend of power dissemination through the major players in the electronic media, and it’s the most exciting.

As an entrepreneur, Greg says having adequate time to think makes him more productive. Furthermore, he says when we have more time to work, we encroach on the time that we ought to take and think, or make something better. Greg once worked in a bar for a short while, but he did not like it. He, however, learned how to deal with people upfront by observing their body language. This helped him in knowing what tact to use for things to run well.

As an entrepreneur, Greg recommends reading books in no particular order. He also likes reading autobiographies of people known for their strong character other than their fame or fortune. Thinking of a strategy, testing it and putting the best foot forward have helped Greg Grow in his business. He says one should truly fear the fear of not doing something that one could have excelled at.

About Greg Secker

Born in 1975, Greg Secker is an English businessman, Founder of Knowledge to Action and author. He has expertise in foreign exchange and international education in financial trading. Greg is an international and motivational speaker and has been invited to speak alongside other notable speakers around the world. Greg Secker is committed to improving the lives of people through his not-for-profit organization dubbed The Greg Secker Foundation.

He has managed to Create and run of the most successful trading companies in Europe. He is committed to helping people learn how to become successful entrepreneurs. He is married and has three children.

The Achievements

On an article published by PRNewswire on September 29th, 2017, NexBank Capital, Inc made an announcement about the completion of a private placement worth $54 million of its fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes to some high net worth and institutional investors. Based in Dallas, Nexbank is a financial services company that is committed to serve all the financial needs of their clients. According to Nexbank, it intends to use the above proceeds for general corporate purposes. Since 2016, Nexbank Capital has managed to raise approximately $283 million of equity and debt. The notes are always non-callable for 5 years with a stated maturity of September 30th, 2017. For five years, the motes have an interest rate of 6.375% which is fixed.

The notes have a floating rate which based on a spread above the current LIBOR of three months of 458. 5 basis points. According to the report, the notes have a BB- investment grade rating and s stable outlook by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. The notes also qualify as Tier 2 capital which is under the applicable capital regulations. The sole placement agent for the notes offering was Sandler O’Neil & Partners, LP with the offering being closed by September 19th, 2017. The notes have been registered under the Securities Act and is not sold or offered in the United States absent registration or even an applicable exemption which is from the registration requirements.

Nexbank Capital has since its inception undergone a lot of growth and expansion. The company has an exemplary management team that is committed to ensuring that the strategic goals of the company are achieved. Nexbank has employed a team of staff who are skilled and talented in offering financial services. They understand that each client has unique needs and therefore has the ability to offer customized services to each client. Nexbank serves their clients via three core businesses which are Mortgage Banking, Commercial banking and Institutional Services. The main clients of the company are financial institutions, institutional clients and also corporations all over the country. NexBank is a member of the FDIC and it has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient financial services company.

Drew Madden’s Unmatched Team Leadership and Customer Relation Skills

As a passionate Healthcare IT entrepreneur, a committed business executive, and an industrial engineer by profession, Drew Madden’s contribution to the field of IT Healthcare can never be underestimated. He is among the managing partners of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. For five years between 2011 and 2016, he was holding the presidency position at Nordic Consulting Partners, an Epic consulting firm based in the United States but with a global network. During that period, he led the company to an unprecedented growth both in capacity and in structure.

Drew’s Achievements

Drew came in when the firm’s employee population was as low as ten and left when the population had grown to over 700 staff members. Client partners, on the other hand, increased from only three to more than 150 partners. The consequence of this was that Nordic had its annual revenue rise from a million dollars in 2010 to 130 million dollars in 2016. All these were made possible by his ability to mobilize his staff towards a common goal, his unmatched team leadership skills, his unique style of cultivating a positive company culture, and his emphasis to high-level of customer relations standards.

Drew Madden’s record at the helm of Nordic Consulting Partners speaks for itself. With the growth described there above, the firm attracted admiration from across the board and won a handful of prestigious awards. Among the many awards that the firm bagged was the KLAS awards– these awards recognize excellence in consultancy services. The firm also ranked top twice within a space of three years regarding Epic implementation services. With such achievements being realized during Drew’s tenure, he set the bar too high for his successors; they will have to do much to fit in his big shoes.

His Passion

By his own admission, Drew Madden’s main passion is to address the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) records regarding troubleshooting the different challenges associated with it. After leaving Nordic Consulting Partners and establishing Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has been keen on pushing for that passion. Prior to his job at Nordic, he worked as a senior epic consultant for Healthia Consulting/Ingenix Consulting.

How Dr. Scott Rocklage Became A Venture Capitalist In The Healthcare Industry

As a managing partner of 5AM Ventures, Dr. Scott Rocklage brings a wealth of experience to this venture capital firm. 5AM Ventures is focused on investing in new companies that are in their early stages in the healthcare industry. Dr. Rocklage worked in the healthcare industry for many years himself as both a researcher and developer as well as being an executive for a number of biotechnology companies.

Dr. Scott Rocklage first joined 5AM Ventures in 2003. At first he was a venture partner but he was elevated to a managing partner position within a year later. He invests in companies that will deliver great returns for his company’s investors. He, along with the rest of the team at 5AM Ventures, also supports companies that are trying to solve important healthcare needs that are not presently being met.

Dr. Rocklage attended the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating with his degree in chemistry he moved to Boston in order to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry while conducting his research under the direction of Richard Schrock. As Dr. Rocklage likes to note, in 2005 Richard Schrock was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

After earning his Ph.D., Dr. Scott Rocklage entered into research and development. He worked at two firms, Salutar and Catalytica, before moving into executive level positions. Over the course of his career in the biotechnology industry he was a top executive at a number of companies. This included Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar. His work led to three U.S. New Drug Applications receiving the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. These approvals were for Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has related the story of why his company is called 5AM Ventures. He says that 5 AM is a very early time in the day. He also says that his investment firm invests in companies in their early stages. The pun for the name of his company basically wrote itself. He has also said that he enjoys his work as every day brings something new to it. Learn more:

Grassroots PAC End Citizens United Is Fighting to End Big Money in Politics

Some say it was the Supreme Court ruling that created the greatest threat to Democracy in American history – the so-called Citizens United Ruling. What it did was unleash millions, even billions of dollars of “dark money” into the U.S. election process.

In its 2010 decision, the Conservative-dominated panel of nine judges ruled with a 5-4 vote that “money was equal to free speech,” and that a corporation is basically the same thing as an individual citizen. In other words, “corporations are people.”

The result is that any mega-cash-rich corporate entity or greedy billionaire can now donate as much money as they want to any candidate of choice, and that choice is almost always a right-wing Republican.

But now a newly formed political action committee (PAC)is fighting back.

Appropriately named, the new PAC is called End Citizens United. It was founded in 2015 and rapidly began fundraising ahead of the 2016 election cycle. The response from general public was remarkable – in less than a year, End Citizen United hauled in $25 million.

Even more remarkable was how it was raised. The group received hundreds of thousands of small donations from ordinary citizens who gave an average of about $14 each. What this strongly suggests is that there are millions of people who are tired of letting our politicians be bought and paid for by the highest bidder.

The ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to get the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court ruling overturned. Doing so, of course, will require a Constitutional Amendment because that’s the only way to counter or negate a Supreme Court decision. A new Amendment requires that three-fourths of the 50 states must first ratify it, and then it needs to get approval of both the U.S. House and Senate with a three-fourths majority vote.

That’s a steep hill to climb, to be sure. The first step toward reaching such a lofty summit is to get more Democrats elected to office, both on a state and national level. A major goal of End Citizens United is to flip the U.S. House from Republican to Democrat control in the coming 2018 midterm elections.

They’ve already made good progress. End Citizens United officials say they are on track to beat their previous $25 million fundraising result by at least $10 million – the group should easily take in a robust $35 million ahead of the 2018 election cycle – and again by way of small donations from hundreds of thousands of concerned American citizens. For more info about us: click here.

Yes, it takes a lot of money to get Big Money out of politics, but End Citizens United is fighting fire with fire, and with the backing of the American people.

Scott Rocklage Is Master Of His Craft

Scott Rocklage has made a name for himself in the corporate world. Scott Rocklage attributes the success he has recorded to the firm foundation that MIT gave him. Scott went through MIT College and learned how to be a professional in the field of chemistry. MIT also shaped the professor’s interpersonal skills. At the moment Scott Rocklage is a managing partner at 5 AM Ventures. He credits his success to MIT and his wife who’s stood by her side all the while he was trying to jumpstart his career.

Scott Rocklage became a top honcho at 5 AM Ventures after a few months of joining the company. His rich background in chemistry and the healthcare sector made him one of the most important individuals in the business. Scott Rocklage also boasts of vast experience in management that spans over a period of thirty years.


Dr. Rocklage’s stewardship at 5 AM Ventures has seen the company fast-track the development and authorization of various drugs such as Teslascan, Cubicin, and Omniscan. Such milestones have defined the business leader as a goal-oriented individual who never stops until he has achieved his set goals. Learn more:

Scott Rocklage gathered his experience in management and pharmaceuticals development from the number of companies he steered before joining 5 AM Ventures. He was the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and later served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nycomed Salutat.


At the company called Salutat, Scott Rocklage held different roles in the departments of research and drug development. Scott has a history of working with the boards of various firms such as Epirus and Pulmatrix. The success of Dr. Scott can be attributed to his background in chemistry. His qualification from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has edified his career and professional outlook.


Scott Rocklage has been recognized by various bodies for his outstanding performance in the field of healthcare. He has achieved all these feats by getting the work done. What Scott Rocklage has contributed to the medical fraternity can never be gainsaid. Scott Rocklage is described by his closest friends as a hands-on manager who never stops until the work is done.


Entrepreneur, Susan McGalla

Most companies and institutions have failed the need to embrace gender equality. Statistics show that industries and firms that show regard to gender equality and ethnic diversity perform better than those that do not. This is because of how different people are. Having different ideas and different reasoning is essential in making progress. However, things are different in a majority of companies and institutions.

Susan McGalla is among the successful women entrepreneurs. She is also top ranking in the leadership roles of various companies. Because of her success, she works towards helping other women achieve what she has.

She became the President of American Eagle Outfitters before leaving the company. However, she did not join it and instantly became president. The beginning was tough because of the male-dominant executive positions. But since she was not one to be put down by male domination, she worked her way up. She is now the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

Finding the opportunities that Susan found may not be easy or even possible to other women. However, there is no cause for worry because certain groups have come up with the intent of letting women have the chance to share their ideas, and also plan their strategies well. These groups give support to women leaders. Executive sponsorships have now come up, as a solution to breaching the male domination in leadership and thus restoring gender balance and equality.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool. She was brought up by a father who was a football coach and grew up with her two brothers. She was taught since her youth, to be hardworking and confident in whatever she does, and this alone took her to high positions like the ones that she currently holds. Susan went to Mount Union College and got married to Stephen McGalla.

She is an entrepreneur and consultant, founder of P3 Executive Consulting. She is on the boards of both HFF Inc. and the Magee-Womens Hospital Research and Institute Foundation. Susan McGalla strives to help women get to where she is, by doing what she did and finding her way up ranks in companies and institutions that are led by men. She talks of how to succeed as a woman, and what to do to get there.