OneLogin SSO Changes The Way Businesses Work Online

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During the Internet’s early days, we didn’t have a sign-in process. People simply went to URLs and accessed the information there without interacting with it in any way. Small businesses and enterprise level businesses had the same set-up. There might be an office homepage, but there were no “users” of that system. They passively consumed the information passed along to them. Flash forward a few years and now you have logins. Are they secure, though? And are users and companies safe to share information under such a limited sign-in system?

Many security breaches later and we know that even the largest enterprise sometimes struggles to secure their information and company worker logins. That’s why OneLogin was created. It was the company’s mission to make it safer and more secure for businesses and their workers to share information across a single domain. It was crafted to be convenient, lively, but most of all, it was designed to be secure.



Enter Single Sign-in



OneLogin’s Single Sign-on was developed by a dedicated team of experts to create a lively information sharing platform that would also be completely secure through the strategy of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Single Sign-in gives users and office leaders the ability to login to the OneLogin system and then immediately take advantage of the portal built right into the operating system.

The result is a very secure and safe environment to share any kind of information in a confidential setting, away from the prying eyes of competitors or hackers. It keeps offices safe and to themselves, and we all know that today’s business world is cutthroat and competitive. No one wants company secrets being floated across the Internet and into the hands of a competitor or opportunitist. Thanks to OneLogin’s hard work, we now have the Single Sign-on system, and it’s working great for businesses right now.


How Single Sign-On Works


Your workers and users have apps that they use at work and those can be integrated into the OneLogin structure securely. They’ll have MFA techniques to keep the information safe and secure and give them free reign to make announcements, share emails, texts, databases, spreadsheets, and other vital company information across this single portal that connects them all to each other. We’ve learned through the success of social networks just how important software like this is to cohesiveness between team members and how much it can increase productivity and make everyone feel like they’re playing a vital role on the team.

Once MFA has been used, you just use the integrated program built into your corporation or business’s desktops. Other versions of the portal are available, but all of them will give you access to the information within the company’s cloud. And it’s all behind a secure firewall that makes it simple to keep everything shared across the domain completely secure and immune to things like attacks on information or attempts to gain access to company secrets.


What the “One” means


Onelogin’s Single Sign-on lives up to its name by requiring only a SINGLE login to the company’s portal. You’ll use a OTP (One time Password) that is sent to an SMS owned by the person who will actually be using the system. This is a much improved formula over the concept of using a password repeatedly until perhaps a hacker can guess it or somehow intercept it. With the one-time-password, you’re all set and logged in and that system KNOWS it’s you who is logging on because you are truly the person who received the SMS.


Securing the future of company success


The business world has always been a competitive, predatory place where companies compete against each other in sometimes ruthless ways. And good business owners know the value of products like Single Sign-On because they know that information is key in today’s business world. Your next app rollout could be a huge one that amounts to millions of dollars. Sharing that with anyone but your own employees could be detrimental to the future of your business.

With OneLogin, you’ve got a one-stop-shop for everything you want to share with your employees, and you’ve got added layers of authentication and security that will keep your business and your users safe as they interact on a daily basis. And what’s more convenient than turning on your work computer, seeing all your communication and productivity apps, and then getting straight to work without having to even login again after that first single, secured login? Nothing’s more convenient than that and thousands of businesses and users certainly agree that OneLogin is the true wave of the future for businesses who rely on apps for their livelihood and communication.



What’s Ahead for OneLogin



Even the best applications know that there’s always room for improvement, and there’s always room to grow more security measures as time goes on and hackers and other opportunists get more sophisticated. Software is in a continual state of progression and must be able to grow along with your business and your needs. Few would disagree that OneLogin is certainly going to be around for many decades to come thanks to their superb security measures and the utter simplicity of their portal and desktop versions that allow business’s workers and users to communicate in a completely safe environment at the stroke of a keyboard.

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