“One of the Most Innovative Businesses of 2018 Started Out as a Passion for Finances “

Infinity Group Australia is a known company in the country, and many Australians have had opportunities because of the firm’s dedication towards securing their future. It became so successful that it was recognized by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) when they were included in the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list of 2018.


The Infinity Group Australia started as a solution for Australians having debt issues and in need of a specialized company in financial administration. The group started out small, created and co-founded by the entrepreneur Graeme Holm, but now it is a large firm that is one of the go-to places for Australians looking for help in increasing their financial security.


Graeme wanted to build his company out of passion and the desire to help others struggling with something he knew very well. His company started to help Australians, one at a time, with their investments, income and their futures. This whole thing began in 2012 when Graeme met Rebecca, the love of his life, and his financial partner.


Graeme and Rebecca co-founded the Infinity Group out of a passion for finances and a desire to help anyone who was struggling with their money management. In 2012, the two met, and in 2013 they were ready to launch their business plan together and inaugurate the Infinity Group.


The group started with just the two of them, but it quickly grew in proportion with more clients coming in and seeking their advisory. Graeme and Rebecca, in just a couple of months, opened their first office and had their first staff member: Emma.


From 2013 to 2014, the staff grew from three members to 25 members. It was getting larger and larger, and the business was already a success after just a couple of months, which is an incredible feat since most companies have their first few years of losses before they start gaining any profit. However, Graeme and Rebecca had created a sincere and functioning business that was receiving positive feedback from all sorts of clients. They were already at the hundreds of customers, and it was already time for a bigger office. From here, the group only became more significant and essential for the community.


A business created out of passion and love is truly what made the Infinity Group successful, as stated by Graeme Holm. Graeme wanted to help all of the families that were poor in Australia, and he did just that. Many families had a better financial condition after their contact with the group.


It is a success story that teaches many young entrepreneurs and students who want to grow their startups, not to give up on their dreams. It is essential to take risks if you ever want to make a difference and offer your vision to the community. It started out as a passion for finances, but it is now much bigger and is more of a desire to help families overcome their financial difficulties. Learn more: http://meetgraemeholm.com.au/


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