New Security System Uses the Latest Technology

Home security has gone high-tech, with equipment now available that can actually recognize who has entered the property or who wants to enter. The equipment has been designed by the company Lighthouse AI and is based on the technology used in self-driving automobiles.
The key to the new system is a computerized sensor that is attached to a security camera. It is the sensor that can help identify, through facial recognition principles, different members of the family or others who may have access to a property. It can even identify family pets. The system also has a siren and is sophisticated enough to prevent accidental activation by an animal.
In addition to the camera and sensor, the system uses voice-based interface principles to help homeowners keep a close eye on their properties and on other family members. Under the system, one can request a previous recording of a pet or even ask for an alert if a child did arrive home at the proper time. This monitoring could be extended beyond children and pets, reaching into the field of elder care. The way a person walks could portend a potentially dangerous fall. More information about the new security system is available at
Lighthouse AI has no plans to share its user information with outsiders, further emphasizing that the camera is only supposed to be operational when nobody is home. This may not allay privacy concerns, but the company hopes that these issues will be offset by the benefits of its security system. The system is available for about $300, with a monthly service fee of $10.
Born from the computer laboratories at Stanford University, Lighthouse AI was founded by Hendrik Dahlkamp and Alex Teichman, who initially concentrated their efforts on developing autonomous vehicles. Safety concerns led them to abandon these plans and ultimately bring this technology to the domain of home security.

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