Neuroscience is a growing field as there is more and more information about how it is that the brain works and what can affect the brain every day. At the head of that research in the United States is Neurocore. The studies in which Neurocore focuses on is how brain training can affect the brain and train it to be in which way they want to be such as having greater focus, stress-free, better sleep, more social, and just a happier life. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The reasons in which someone would want to do brain training are endless and the results can be dramatic in that person’s life, in fact, the brain training is successful. That is what Neurocore has been doing since 2004 is finding out whether or not brain training can be used to treat things such as depression or even minor things such as a lack of focus. The findings that Neurocore has made is that the brain can be trained and that it can help people. But much like other medical treatments, the results vary and the time length in which you will have to do brain training greatly depends on what you are trying to train the brain for and where the brain is on that matter to start with.


Neurocore has opened clinics in the United States to the public to receive these treatments so that the patient can achieve a better life for themselves. The clinic regularly evaluates and treats patients in the country with great success and for that reason, they are able to continue the research and continue to keep expanding the clinics further across the United States until brain training becomes a normal thing to do when you need help. Because the brain houses knowledge and can have great effects on the body it is important to do a thorough evaluation of the patient before the brain training can begin. So at Neurocore, every patient has a team that works with them to first evaluate them by running tests to see how the brain is functioning and you can talk to them about what it is that is bothering you and why you want to change that. Read more about Neurocore at

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