Motorola Reveals New G and E Series Phones

Motorola’s G series is a popular phone with a loyal customer base. The company is adding to its Moto range with four devices in the G6 and E series which are expected to be available online and in stores this May or June. The smartphones fall within the 100 to 300 dollar price range, although they could be cheaper depending on carrier pricing. The smartphones’ features still fall short of higher-end sophistication, but reviewers believe the Moto G6, the G6 Play, the Moto G5 Plus and the E5 Play are superior to other phones in the same class.

Jacob Kastrenakas of The Verge highlights a few of the differences between the phones but acknowledges that the lines between them tend to blur. For instance, the screen sizes range from 5.5 to 6 inches with all but the Moto E5 Play having an 18:9 aspect ratio. Each phone runs on Snapdragon and boast a powerful battery.

The G6 model features Gorilla Glass instead of the polymer glass found in other models. Each model has thin bezels and curved edges, features that Kastrenakas says give the phones a good “feel” and are suggestive of higher-end models.

Of the group, only the G6 offers dual-cameras and a portrait option. The other models offer standard front and rear-facing cameras. The Moto E Play is the baseline model with features that make it dependable but not entirely praise-worthy. At 2800 MAH, the battery is smaller than others in the series and the display is smaller as well. Some users have found the display lackluster and offering only below-average clarity.

Still, Motorola is producing smartphones that have a global following. The Moto E5 and the Moto G6 Plus aren’t being released in the United States, while no one else in the world has the option to purchase the Moto E5 Plus other than U.S. dwellers.

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