Modern Day Technologies That Are Nearing Their End

Progress insists on pushing out the old to make room for the new. However, it is clear that sometimes doing so leaves us all feeling a little nostalgic for the way things were. At the very least, we like to try to think about some of the pieces of modern technology that are going the way of the dinosaur so to speak. It can help us appreciate that technology for what it was while at the same time looking forward to what will come next.


There are more than a few pieces of modern technology that are very likely to meet their end in the near future. We want to take a look at what a few of those items are today.


CDs- You might have already heard the news that Best Buy is pulling CDs from their store shelves as customers are simply not purchasing them enough anymore. There was once a day when this was the only way that people got new music. With streaming services and digital downloads, listening to music this way has simply become outdated.


Cords- Cords of any kind for electronic devices are on their way out. The technology needed to make things cordless as simply gotten better and better. These days, we do not have as much need for power cords as we once did. It has meant that we can transition to a less corded world in general. So long tangled up messes!


Cable Television- There is just something about those streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that make cable not seem all that important anymore. A lot of people are simply ditching their cable television in favor of the ability to stream what they want when they want it. Thus, cable may be on its way out as well.


These are three of the things that are very likely to meet their end in the near future. Keep an eye out for what replaces them.;

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