Michel Terpins Passion in Rally Driving

Michael Terpins’ early life and career

Despite the fact that rally driving is regarded as a dangerous sport, many rally drivers are making the debut in the field and advance to the top. A perfect example of such rally drivers is Michael Terpins. A Brazilin citizen, born in Sau Paulo in 1979 in a sports family, Michael has scaled heights to the top in a short period of time.

Michael Terpin made the debut in the rally sport in 2002, starting in the motorcycle category. But later on, he sailed for his brother in the car category. Since then, he has already built his name and is now considered as one of the established names in the car racing industry in Brazil.

Formation of Bull Sertoes Rally Team

Michael and his brother Rodrigo Terpins posses the passion for speed, a driving force behind their excellence. The two joined hands to form Bull Sertoes Rally team. So far they have taken part in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally as well as in the Mitsubishi cup. Xarla and Events are part of the sponsorship of the team.

The coordination of the two brothers has become a force to reckon that is taking the Brazilian Rally industry by storm. The two brother’s famousness stems from the developed knowledge in piloting with the T-Rex. As Michael continues the preparation for his next race, he strongly believes that hard work coupled with determination, every dream is achievable. His field of the sport may be scaring too many, but to Michael, he views it as a passion and part of life.

Michael with his brother were the winners of the 2nd stage of the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally that sees him placed in the fifth position in the overall standings. Michael Terpins after the rally admitted that it was one difficult and exhausting stage, but they managed to secure a good position. He mentioned that it was only the second day and there was more to come in the coming days. In the race, they faced a mountainous terrain that required a lot of experience to drive.

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