Michael Burwell Career Position At Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell is a well-recognized business person who has been serving several companies in assisting them to make better decisions to achieve their goals. In education, he graduated with a degree from the University of Michigan and a certificate in CPA. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson. The firm deals with advisory and consultancy services for the clients.


In addition, it offers design and delivers remedies that manage risk, elevates advantages, enlarges the power of capital to safeguard and toughen institutions and people. The president of Willis was happy to hand over the position to Michael Burwell as he knows that he is the right candidate. He also has a vision of the projects and company development that he has yet to achieve.


Before joining Willis firm, Burwell spent several years as the head of Transaction Services Packages. He offered his specialized expertise and personnel in the audit services which boosted the clients. During 2012, Burwell assisted Global and U.S. Transformation to increase its internal services in his role as the Vice Chairman. Later, he was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer in that firm where he was now able to outline the difficult challenges and erase the components that delayed the growth of the firm.


Michael Burwell has a wide experience in complications of worldwide advisory and reinsurance broking making him fit for any position in the top management. In his recent reviews, he suggested that technology has developed and enabled work to be easier. He also added that taking full utilization of the tools assisted to maintain a high level of production. See Related Link for additional information.


Networking is a major component together with a strong relationship with every individual in the department as it plays a major role. Communication among members, partners, and potential investors increases the flexibility and transparency in the organization. One of the greatest achievements he did was overlooking the termination of millions without having to eliminate the staff. He also differed in his duty to the different group of internal functions.


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