Michael Burwell Brings Decades Of Experience To New Role At Willis Towers Watson

Businessman Michael Burwell joined the global advisory firm Willis Towers Watson in August 2017. He became their new chief financial officer as he replaced Roger Millay who had chosen to retire in October 2017. Michael Burwell had 31 years of experience in the financial industry and has served in a number of leadership positions during the course of his professional career. He was welcomed to this company by Chief Executive Officer John Haley who said Michael Burwell was the perfect fit for this company’s leadership team, including his focus on fulfilling the needs of his clients.

Michael Burwell is member of the 1986 graduating class of Michigan State University. He worked for a few companies before joining PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP in July 2001. By the time he left this firm in 2017 he was a partner of the company. He had served in a variety of roles during his time with PwC such as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Global and US transformation leader. When joining Willis Towers Watson, he said in a statement with Inspirey, that he was honored to join such a prestigious firm and thanked the management team, especially John Haley, for the opportunity.

He says that he values the ideas of others at the companies he has worked for. He says that everyone contributes a unique perspective which is quite valuable. Michael Burwell has said that it is often someone outside of a department who comes up with the best ideas. The reason for this is that they see things outside of daily operations in a way that someone on the inside can’t see just due to sheer familiarity. When it comes to productivity he says that the best way to go about it is to learn how to do more with less. Visit This Page for related information.

As for how to advance your career, Michael Burwell says that building a network is by far one of the most critical things to do. The goal isn’t just to build relationships for business purposes, though, but to do so because it helps you build your ability to communicate effectively and be in the moment.


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