MB2 Dental Helps Your Company to Grow and to Stand Out

MB2 Dental has your dental business needs covered. MB2 Dental offers an array of services including IT services, human resources, accounting and finance, credentialing, compliance, billing and collections, and recruiting to name just a few of the services that they offer. MB2 Dental will train your staff so that you don’t have to. They provide comprehensive training through their MB2 University and stress the importance of patient satisfaction as well as promote development and growth. Their courses cover annual trainings, Shopper Calls, Customer service Training, and DHMO training, just to name a few.They also provide reference and training guides to employees holding dental office positions. They cover everything technical including computer support, maintenance plans, business network solutions, A/V installations, telecom/data services, and software implementation among many other IT services. They also handle marketing and create tailored marketing plans that will help to grow your brand as well as up your practice’s profitability. They cover training, reporting, analysis, vendor management, execution, design, and strategy.

MB2 Dental handles recruiting as well and will staff your office with the very best employees that are not only efficient at their jobs but who will treat your customers the way that you want them to be treated so that they will endorse your business with positive feedback and will return for future services. Their pre-screening process has been shown to be very effective in weeding out the less-than-desirable prospects, leaving only the best. MB2 Dental also handles billing and collections and will even take care of overdue payments and will work with aged accounts and perform any needed resubmissions or appeals. They will also make sure that local regulations and requirements set by the government are met as well. Compliance is not a fun task to overtake and involves many moving parts but they take care of that too. MB2 Dental offers help with implementing office compliance programs, monthly audits, and monitoring of clinical notes and charts as well as regulatory updates.

MB2 Dental is not just about the services that they provide. They are about helping you to not only succeed in your business but to also help you to really excel in your business and to provide the kind of service that you set out to without being hindered by the daily tasks that are involved with running a dental office. They’re professional and efficient and have a system that works.

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