Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva’s Journey from a Boy with a Dream To A Man Who Is a Dream Others Emulate

Socrates, the teacher, known for his words of wisdom, said ‘I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think.’ Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva is a professor of Criminal Law at the Pontifical University of Sao Paulo, where he was once a student himself. In the lecture halls, he helps students not only to understand criminal minds but how to punish those caught in the crosshairs of the law. His students, just like Socrates’, have learnt what it means to think because their teacher will not spoon feed them. His popularity among students and colleagues alike is a breath of fresh air because it is not every day one meets a teaching judge.


Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva’s other day job is serving as Judge to the people of Sao Paulo in their Court of Appeal. He is an honest man, who delivers proper judgment to people that feel that the High Court failed them. Only a man of wisdom and great virtue can take up such demanding responsibility and live up to a good reputation. Serving in his two jobs cannot be any less demanding, but his pursuit for a changed society motivates him to do good every day. Molding his students is unique to him because he hopes that one day they walk in his footsteps and being a straight judge ensures that they have a role model to emulate.


The holy books all agree that humans do not qualify to pass judgment on each other and all religions believe that teachers are answerable for their actions. Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva is, therefore, a man between a rock and a hard place but his solid reputation makes him a man to emulate.


More about Marco


His teaching career spans three decades. Marco has served as a regular judge, substitute judge and now sits with the appeal judges. He graduated with a law degree thirty-seven years ago and had practiced since then. Marco, the boy from the little-known city of Itapetiniga, is serving prosperity goals and is a far cry from the fifteen-year-old boy that craved knowledge at law. He is living his dream and is a father to two lovely daughters.


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