Marc Beer: Creating a Treatment for Numerous Diseases

The United States highlights women’s health as one of its main priorities. It has become an important issue in the country today, and the government is spending a lot of money for their protection, especially during childbirth wherein there is a huge chance for them to die. Private firms across the nation have been investing in new technologies that would generate cure and treatment for diseases which are exclusively found in women. Marc Beer is one of those who are pushing for the creation of more treatment options for women who are diagnosed with various diseases. He was the former CEO of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals and using his experiences back at his former company, he established Renovia Inc. The company’s goal is to create the most effective treatment and cures for numerous diseases and help save more lives. The company is currently headquartered in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, and it managed to receive help from a lot of investors. According to Marc Beer, the company’s funds have reached $42 million, with almost 25% of the total fund originating from venture debts.



According to Marc Beer, the priority of his company lies in the creation of a treatment for pelvic floor disorders. It causes frequent urinary incontinence, which affects a lot of women around the world. The creation of therapeutic products that would prevent this condition would benefit more than 250 million women worldwide, and it would give them relief from the condition. The FDA has already approved the product back in April 2018, but they are still working on a few remaining paper works to ensure that the product could be sold legally everywhere. Marc Beer assures the public that the product they created will be shipped to drugstores across the country before the year ends.



Renovia Inc. has been asking investors to provide more funds to the company so that they could create more therapeutic products for numerous diseases. According to Marc Beer, they are now working with the Longwood Fund, who generously provided them with a lot of financial assistance. He stated that Renovia Inc. would continue its research, to find out some of the best treatment options for diseases that are tagged as fatal and incurable. He believes that his company’s research will help a lot of scientists in the future, and it can be used for other purposes that could lead to the development of a cure for different diseases.



Women’s groups have been thanking companies like Renovia Inc. for their continued efforts in finding a solution against the problems faced by a lot of people today. They are hoping that the company serves as an inspiration for other startups to do the same – using science and technology to improve the living condition of everyone. Learn more :


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