Lovaganza Hopes A World Fair Theme Will Promote Cultural Understanding

At a time when the majority of people are concerned about the racially charged rhetoric of politicians and political groups in various parts of the world the work of the Lovaganza Foundation has never seemed more important. In the buildup to a global event in 2020 that will promote cultural acceptance and understanding the foundation is hoping to promote many of the same ideals through its much anticipated “Lovaganza Convoy” that will be made up of a trilogy of films created by the acclaimed J.F. Gagnon.

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The initial trilogy of films could later be expanded to include up to nine trilogies in the grand plan of Gagnon and his fellow Lovaganza creative minds who are hoping to change the lives of millions of people through the success of the films; Lovaganza hopes to develop a successful media presence that will use any profits made to back existing programs in developing nations to provide clean water, education, and promote peace. The films in the trilogy have been made in various locations across the globe and use some of the best known technicians in the world and will begin with the “Follow Your Sunshine” installment. The initial movie of Lovaganza will begin the story of a journalist intrigued by a traveling show passing through his part of the world who will also cross paths with a former priest who believes he has uncovered the secret to eternal happiness.

There is a lot to admire in the work of the Lovaganza foundation that will reach its initial culmination in the global event of 2020 that will bring people from across the world together. The 2020 event will offer more than just a movie going experience as the three films from the “Convoy” trilogy will be shown on a 360 degree wraparound screen using the latest 3D technology. Lovaganza also hope to bring a number of exhibits to the eight locations of the event across the planet using interactive technology to allow each visitor to explore any culture they wish. Lovaganza’s creative head J.F. Gagnon will also provide live dancers and performances that it is hoped will show the similarities each global culture has with the others.

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