Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund and Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)

AWID is an international, multi-generational, and feminist organization committed to the advancement of gender equality, sustainable development, and women rights. Membership comprises academics, students, researchers, business people, development partners, policy makers, and donors.

Mission and Vision

AWID aspires to influence global women and feminist rights activists, movements, and organizations.

Its mission is to transform structures of power and decision-making, advance human rights, environmental stability, and gender justice. AWID envisions a world in which freedoms, human rights, gender justice, and ecological sustainability are a reality for everyone and the planet.


With the end of the United Nations Decade for Women, individuals from universities, development agencies, and CBOs discussed the role of women as beneficiaries and agents of the development process. They founded AWID as a platform for professionals fostering multi-sectoral dialogue and action.

In due time, AWID’s goal encompassed issues of women human rights, gender equality, and sustainable development. AWID works with activist groups, movements, and organizations to increase its visibility and capacity to influence structural change. The organization seeks the transformation of laws, policies, social norms, and individuals to promote girls and women rights across the world.

Thematic and Feminist Programs

Its various themes and feminist activities include:

 Resourcing women’s rights: AWID lobbies donors and global policy makers to increase commitment to gender justice and women’s rights. This involves narrowing the gap between activists and donors, collaborative research, resource mobilization, strengths and weakness analysis.

 Opposing religious fundamentalism: the organization counters religious fundamentalism through dialogue, advocacy, and collaborative projects.

 Economic justice: AWID adopts strategies that address failures of present economic models. For example, enhancing the capacity of women’ right advocates, supporting feminist rights, advancing feminist research, analysis, and documentation.

 Women’s rights defenders: the organization works in collaboration with regional and global networks to promote awareness of women rights activists.

Larkin & Lacey-Frontera Fund

With settlement money after their acquittal, Michael Lacey and Jim Larken formed the Frontera Fund to advance migrants in Arizona. Under their leadership, the Lacey and Larken Frontera Fund supports groups that promote human rights, civil rights as well as migrant rights. The Fund works with the Border Angels of San Diego focusing on immigration reforms and aversion of migrant fatalities.

Additionally, the Fund fights against the profiling of immigrants. Its programs address challenges that migrants face along the US-Mexico border. Frontera’s advocacy is designed to ensure human rights for all. Working alongside other organizations, the Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund defends migrants against all types of human rights abuses, discriminatory hiring policies, and racial profiling. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Recently, the Fund’s pilot project, Justice for Immigrants & Families Project (JIF) promotes and provides legal services to immigrants of Maricopa County. JIF trains and refers deserving cases to pro bono attorneys.

Also, the project conducts group workshops, legal consultations, provides self-help legal guides, and human rights education. JIF is Phoenix Legal Action Network’s pilot project in conjunction with pro bono attorneys to help protect and promote the rights of minorities and the marginalized in Arizona.

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Immigration Shall Be Integrated

Two of the most well-known immigration activists in the United States of America today are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men attended Arizona University with one another. There, they would start a small newspaper which would gain a strategic following. They would end up quitting University early in order to take the newspaper national. This newspaper often reports on the struggle that Hispanics face when coming to the United States of America.


One consistent problem that Hispanics face when coming United States of America is the extreme judgment and oppression and violence that comes from certain American people. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have often reported on the hate crimes committed toward the Hispanics by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.


The evil atrocities that this man has regularly committed would be enough to fill up an encyclopedia. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were the first to break the stories on how he persecuted Hispanic men and women who were locked up in one of his prison systems. They showed how he routinely brought Hispanic men out into the desert and worked them on the same level as a Siberian gulag would. To make matters worse, he often would not provide the necessary water for these men and many died of dehydration and heatstroke.


Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was not a fan of what Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were reporting. In retaliation, he violated their first amendment rights, broke into their homes, and arrested them under the cover of darkness. This illegal means of entry won Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin a settlement of nearly $3 million.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would use this money and start their advocacy group the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund promotes the American’s freedom of speech and fights for rights for immigrants.


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