Keeping Criminals in Jail Using Securus Technologies

I work on a fugitive task force in my state, and this year we were given a case that involved a thug who had a habit of getting violent with innocent victims around our community. Whether he was robbing your car or your wallet, if you resisted, he would make sure you suffered in pain. The only reason this suspect was on the street was because of a technicality, and I was determined to put him back in jail before he hurt someone else.


The biggest trouble we have with violent offenders like this is that they can snap at the slightest thing. Look at the suspect the wrong way in a supermarket, then he might pull a knife on you right there in the produce aisle. To complicate matters, this suspect had a huge network of family and friends that were all too happy to keep him hidden. The only thing going for me was the fact his brother and partner in crime was still in jail, so I decided to see if he would sing.


Normally an inmate like this would never talk, but I wanted to send a message here. By asking him questions, I knew h would run to the phones and call his brother at his first chance. Lucky for us, Securus Technologies just updated the prison inmate call monitoring system, and I was about to strike gold.


The LBS software alerted my team that the two were talking and speaking about making a big score so they both could get out of the country. That score involved holding up an armored truck, despite the guards armed to the teeth. When we were able to collect the details and position ourselves to follow that suspect, we took him down and back to jail to reunite him with his brother for a long time.


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