Jorge Moll is Leading the Way in Neuroscience.

Many people don’t know who Jorge Moll is, but that doesn’t mean he’s not fighting for them every day. Jorge Moll, the Founder and Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, has a profound history in the world’s medical field.


Jorge Moll’s Need to Help Others Began Early in His Life

He always wanted to help people who suffered from debilitating medical conditions which negatively impacted their lives. Moll attended and graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a medical degree.

He did not stop there. He later completed his residency at the same university. He later went on to study for his PhD at Sao Paulo University. His major was experimental pathophysiology.

With every academic step he took, Jorge Moll never forgot his ultimate goal in life, helping those with debilitating conditions have a higher quality of life.


Jorge Moll is Dedicated to World Class Research

Moll has always been dedicated and passionate about his home country’s healthcare, education and research. Moll even started his own research facility, the D’Or Institute for Research Education.

His days at his research institute is filled with meetings to involving a lot of topics. He always takes time to speak to various individuals such as researchers, scientists, doctors, students and associates. He does this because he believes in exchanging ideas and collaborating with others to find solutions and hypothesis.

In fact, Jorge Moll believes ideas are plentiful. The hardest thing to do is to choose the best ideas and eliminate other ones. Those chosen ideas must be the ones that can be converted into a plan. To do that requires collaborating and planning with other individuals who can assist in making ideas reality.

Jorge Moll has seen a lot of failures since opening his institute. However, he’s seen a lot more successes. These successes are pushes him to make his goal of helping others live a better life reality.


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