John Goullet The Pioneer Of DIVERSANT

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has made huge development in some highly successful ventures in the IT industry. He began his career working as an IT consultant. After few years John Goullet then switched to IT staffing. It is from this staffing role that he took advantage of his understanding of emerging market trends to start the Info Technologies which was an IT staffing company. The company focuses on providing a way forward to over 500 Fortune Company’s national wide.

This involves understanding the corporate climate as well as the IT staffing needs of his clients, He then consequently matched the personality and work style of his consultants as well as their skill sets to meet the customer needs. In a period of five years, John’s company grew to $30M, making it earn number eight spot on the Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing privately managed firms in the US making it an award winning organization.

In 2010 however, John and Gene C. Wadd, a visionary entrepreneur and owner of DIVERSANT LLC, merged the Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc to form DIVERSANT LLC. John is hence able to pursue his passion for developing new ways of meeting the challenges facing the ever rapid evolving IT industry as DIVERSANT’s principal.

John’s idea of DIVERSANT was cultivated by others in that field. He took it as a challenge that since others had succeeded massively in that area, he would equally match them and even beat them at their own game. He has achieved this by making sure that those new ideas are brought to life by reading and paying attention to the day to day happenings in the labour market since there is always a shortage of IT experts in the US.

The limited human labour hence means a new need for new technologies to match the demand. He then starts cultivating a series of skills sets to where his clients are. John believes he has productive paranoia and this not only makes him most productive but also the best in the industry. Due to the ever growing technology, John has faith the future of DIVERSANT is ravishing. However, they have to be competent to deliver the best candidates to their clients for their future to remain bright.

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