Jeffry Schneider: Founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC

As a hardworking, dedicated man and the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider is the go-to-guy for everything related to alternative investments. His boutique alternative  investment firm has earned over $1 billion and offers a variety of education, marketing, operational and sales services, as well as a unique approach to financial structuring. He leads his team of over 50 employees into a successful future by raising funds for emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors. By working with over 250 investment advisors, more than 50 broker dealers, and a large amount of family offices, Ascendant helps to raise capital that is invested in real estate, tech companies, auto dealerships, and more, and hopes to hit the $50 million a month in profits mark over the next year.

With over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, Jeffry Schneider has a deep understanding of investment banking, securities management and alternative investments. His career began with Alex Brown in New York City, where he worked for two years before moving on and joining Paine Webber. He eventually was recruited by CIBC Oppenheimer where he moved up quickly to become the senior vice president. After this, he joined on with several other firms including Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. Jeffry was a highly desired asset for any company, and eventually he was asked to join on with Axiom Capital management, which is a full-service broker-dealer. There, he matched up the clientele of the firm with the right hedge fund managers and advised investment managers about how to best structure their investment portfolios.

When Jeffry Schneider built Ascendant Capital, he knew he was going to put together a company that focused on its investors first. Every team member at Ascendant knows this is the main initiative, but they also understand that they are a part of a greater family. That’s because Jeffry has worked hard to build a culture of trust and encouragement at the company. He knows that the best way to get results is to treat people right, and under his wise leadership, Ascendant is expected to continue to amaze its investors and stun the business world with its innovative approach to investing.

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