Is WiFi Coming to International Flights?

Long flights can be really boring. The journeys also undermine productivity since you are forced to deal with a tremendous amount of down time. Only if those international flights had access to high-speed Wi-Fi. Things would be a lot different then. Here is some really good news. People at Boraie Development are excited to know the possibility of super-fast Wi-Fi internet on international flights becoming a reality is increasing by the day. Honeywell Aerospace thinks it knows exactly how to deliver such a perfect internet connection.

Until this point, the development of this vital technology has proven elusive. Honeywell Aerospace may have arrived at the necessary breakthrough to finally deliver the vaunted internet connection so many would benefit from. Honeywell Aerospace is not doing all the work here as other companies are involved including a satellite internet provider.

At present, a number of tests have been performed on jets flying across the ocean. So far, the results of the tests have been positive. Nothing has been perfected yet so do not look for WiFi to be offered on transatlantic or transpacific flights in the next few weeks. Once all the bugs are worked out with the systems and the internet service is perfected, you may very well see the much desired WiFi connection finally being offered.

At some point, this type of internet access is going to exist. Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to experience the breakthrough sooner rather than later.

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