Inmate Calling Features Are Available Through Securus

Securus provides exceptional correctional communications for inmates and their families. Inmates talk to family and legal counsel depending on services by inmate correctional facility communications. Traditional calls are far more expensive and far less quality compared to regulations put in place by Securus. They have incorporated technological features and teamed up with video giant Vimeo to offer more services that will save inmates and their families up to 26% versus their competitors. Securus also provides monitoring, surveillance, and quality control compliance. Visit Securus for more details and stay connected with your incarcerated love ones.

Video chatting has become very popular because inmates are able to get face-to-face communications without a significant amount of inmate staffing required. Inmates are still being monitored but the need for visitation is reduced. Most families are satisfied with being able to see their incarcerated loved ones a peace of mind knowing their family member is physically doing alright. Communication also helps inmates deal with the mental stress and families are able to follow their progress. Inmates and their families also have access to zoom in and zoom out features that allow you to see your relatives close up and you can also use split screen options that will put both of you on the screen.

Each year Securus regulates inmate communication provider like Global Tel-Link. Global Tel-Link has processed over 2.5 million phone calls for thousands of inmates and their families. They are regulated to ensure inmates and their families get the allotted amount of time they require. Securus aims to regulate companies like Global Tel-Link to determine if they are providing quality calls for a reasonable rate. You’ll love having the confidence of knowing you can talk to your loved ones that are incarcerated through a secure network provider through communication regulation giant Securus.

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