Infinity Group Australia-Helping Australian Families Get Out of Debt

Infinity Group Australia is a very innovative company and recently became the recipient of the prestigious AFR award. The company was chosen from thousands of other competitors, and they have also achieved a ranking of 58 in a competition that involved 1,000 other companies. They are in the top 5.8 percent of all nominated companies, and they are deserving because of their innovation, strategy, resource use, and internal process.


Inventum has a strict process in which they follow when deciding on who should receive their coveted award. They gathered a significant amount of information for their prospects and staff members of the company had to complete a survey. Performance reports were also issued to each company and each nominee had the opportunity to review their overall performance. Inventum also has a workshop that allows companies to learn more about the process that is used to select the most innovative Australian companies.


Tips are also available to help companies to boost their capacity and this feedback is helpful in helping companies to grow and develop. Graeme Holm couldn’t be more excited and grateful for the recognition. He has worked hard to build a company on values and a good reputation and it has really paid off. He decided that it was better to help working Australian families rather than to make bank off of their hard work. He is very proud to be considered one of the most innovative companies and will continue to help Australians build their wealth.


Infinity Group Australia reviews are good. They have proven that they are a company that cares.. They are dedicated to helping their clients to not only get out of debt but to build a substantial nest egg and to learn how to properly manage finances. Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm, an expert in the financial services sector. He has over 17 years of experience in the

industry and he has accreditations in real estate, finance, and in financial planning.


He also spent nearly a decade in the 4 major banking environment. He became appalled when he learned how much the big finance institutions were gaining off the backs of the hard-working Australian families that were drowning in debt. He wanted to create a company that became successful from helping Australian families to get into a better situation and to be able to support their families with their hard-earned money. Learn more:

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