How Your Own Cells can Save Your Life

The Lung Institute, which is a research institution, is working towards using stem cells to help a list of chronic diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, interstitial lung disease, and more. A range of treatments is offered to those with these chronic diseases and these include blood treatments as well as bone marrow treatments. But just how can one use stem cells to help chronic diseases? Stem cells are essential to all organisms and not only do they self-renew and replicate, but they also have the ability to form any type of tissue in the body! What the Lung Institute does is uses stem cells that come from the patient’s own body to treat different pulmonary conditions. These cells are known as autologous stem cells. This type of treatment is a multi-step treatment. More information available on

According to Cedars-sinai, to first start the treatment, patients first need to undergo a blood or bone marrow treatment to extract cells from the body. The stem cells are then separated from the other cells in the body. Once that is done, the concentrated stem cells are then put back into the patient’s blood stream, where they then begin to promote healing. The cells fall into what is known as a pulmonary trap. As explained by lifestylesafter50, this means that the stem cells are naturally trapped by the lungs so they regenerate damaged lung tissue. When the body receives an IV with the stem cells, they automatically travel to the right side of the heart so that within one or two heartbeats, the stem cells have been distributed to the lungs. So when treating pulmonary diseases, having the lungs trap the stem cells is very beneficial.

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