How You Can Become Financially Fit

In Australia, mortgage bankers have used the same model for approving loans as they have for the last 50 years or more. The traditional lending practices often do not help the average family or those with a less than stellar financial history. Graeme Holm and his company, Infinity Group, aim to change this lending model with new, innovative ideas. Graeme feels that families are currently living from paycheck to paycheck and have little money left over at the end of the work week to reduce any of their outstanding debt. He believes that with help, many of these people can begin to see an end to their debt within a very short period of time.


Graeme Holm has many years of experience in the business world and most of it has been in the banking sector. He worked for many national banks throughout Australia in their loan departments. He was responsible for the day to day operations and application approvals. He found that many loans were not being approved because of the instability of the applicants. He decided that a change needed to be made and although he pitched his idea to many of the institutions in the country, they tended to stay away from it. He took a chance and founded his company, Infinity Group Australia where he believed he could make a big difference in the lending process.


Graeme’s idea was not only to approve loans and give clients money they needed, but, to teach these clients how they should be using their money. This was a huge undertaking but it seemed to work right away. His idea was that after a loan is approved, each one of the clients would be assigned a coach who could work with them on reducing their debt. He wanted them to realize that there is a big difference between purchases that are made as a need or a want. Need purchases should be made right away and wants can wait until you are financially fit. The coaches that are assigned set budgets for the families who apply for a mortgage loan and they periodically send reports to them to show how their budget is working.


Graeme has found that most of the clients his company has worked with have been able to reduce their debt within a period of approximately five years and they have been able to pay off completely, 30 year mortgage loans within a 10 year period. This was previously unheard of in Australia and now banks are beginning to see the need for this type of service for their customers.


Graeme Holm often starts his day off by tackling the hardest job he has to do; this gives him the motivation to accomplish anything else that may come his way. He believes that anyone can achieve financial success if they follow his business model. Several of his clients have paid off all of their debt and are considering investing in additional properties. Graeme continues to seek new ways to help his customers. Learn more:


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