Helane Morrison: The Iron Lady of Compliance

History never forgets and time is a good judge of character. Helane Morrison will always be on the right side of history the character, work ethic, and leadership skills she has demonstrated throughout her career.


In the last three decades, the financial industry has liberalized as new players enter the scene. Globalization trends have also seen multinational corporate institutions diversify their interests across the globe. All these activities culminated in some underhand and unethical business practice that has been held responsible for the global economic meltdown of 2007/06.


Perhaps even more saddening is the fact that there hasn’t been a sheriff to bring some sense of order to the financial markets town. Even the regulators of industries have had too much on their desks to do their work effectively. Other regulatory bodies have been vulnerable to inside dealings and thus corrupted by corporate entities.


All in all, the situation escalated to the point that firms began feeling the need to regulate themselves. This means having a compliance officer in every institution to ensure that the industry meets all the legal requirements and ethical practice both among the employees and with the public. For information on Helane’s administrative character read here .


The practice of compliance was almost three decades ago. Since there weren’t trained compliance officers at the time, legal experts went in tom fill the void. Helane Morrison jumped on this bandwagon and had never looked back since. She has since become a pioneer of the practice and also set herself up as one of the top women in the corporate world.


Helane Morrison started out as a Journalist after attending the Northwestern University. She also enrolled at the Berkeley School for her Juris Doctor degree. While at Berkeley, Helane fused her Journalism skills with law review as became the editor in charge of the California Law Review. She would make a career in administration and litigation at the SEC before joining Hall Capital as the Legal Consultant and Chief Compliance Officer.


Today, compliance officers sit at the apex of management, particularly in the board level. Helane Morrison therefore also doubles up as a Managing Director at Hall Capital and has contributed immensely to the success of the investment bank as well as the practice of compliance.

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