Thousands of lawyers, legal aides, and legislative members are doing their best to have the law catch up with the times and technology of this era. Computer and database hacking are among some of the most damning and degrading activities to plague the Information Age. President Barack Obama has expressed his interest and concern in trying to heighten security defenses when it came to online systems and databases. The federal government experienced a breach in their walls like never before. The president and his top advisors in his staff advised federally agents and employees to keep a close eye on their financials and accounts to make sure that hackers haven’t stolen their identities. According to Eric Pulier on Twitter, numerous federal advisors are concerned about the breach and truly believe that China has something to do with it. Particularly citizens in Beijing. This isn’t the first time that the United States and China have been at odds do to hacking incidents. Last year when the United States government had proof that Chinese citizens hacked Americans, Chinese officials would not prosecute those individuals. The US and China are planning on meeting later on this month to ease some of the tensions brought up by territorial claims made by both countries. The hackers who breached government walls stole personal information and weapon plans among other intelligence. The United States is currently on edge knowing that industrial secrets were stolen as well. No one is sure on how to conclude this unfortunate hacking. Until then, US officials are planning on moving swiftly and avidly to catch the criminals.

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  1. It is actually something that is quite in need of great attention from the authorities involved because it is degenerating the image of companies. This can actually help in providing the means for the authorities to do the needful in combating the menace that hacking brings to our society.

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