Graeme Holm: Saving through efficient budget planning

Graeme Holm is a man who has built his career in the banking sector for 17 years. This was until he left the banking sector to create his own financial company known as Infinity Group Australia to address issues which he felt the banks were not taking good care of. He had seen the insincerity in the banks when dealing with their customers. These banks would give the customers the cold shoulder when it comes to management of loans. No bank is willing to help their clients repay their loans in the shortest time possible which is the only way to get them out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle.




Graeme Holm formed this company with the knowledge of how the banks work, he has inside information, and when he says that there is a problem with the way they handle their customers, it should come out as true. He believes many people are living under tight budgets because they cannot afford to pay the huge rates that banks want them to pay. Banks want to hold their customers ransom through the loans they give them but Graeme holm wants to rescue the masses. He has a plan that will see people save more money that will enable them to pay debts in the shortest time possible.




Infinity Group Australia raises more savings by helping its clients to develop new budget plans that leave them with more savings. The biggest challenges that we face as a people is that we spend too much on things which we do not really need and at the end we are left with so little for loans repayment.




Infinity Group has personal bankers whom they work with to create budget plans for the clients. The personal bakers can be compared to personal fitness trainers. Such people will help you get a better result that would have happened working alone. It is the responsibility of the trainer to see that the client has a budget plan that does not allow wastages. The excess money that will go to saving or loan repayment will come from the money the foregone expenses. By adjusting one’s budget, there is a likelihood that more resources will go to loan repayment. There is nothing better than knowing that you are debt free. The money that you receive will be going to other causes.




Infinity Group Australia is not just about debt reduction; it also involves coming up with a long-term saving plan that will enable clients to secure their future through investments. People who have worked with this company have recorded average saving s of $42,000 annually. This is a hefty amount if well managed and put into investment programs for future use. Learn more:


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