Gosu.ai and the Impending Arrival of the Virtual Assistant for Gaming

Gaming technology continues to develop, expand, and innovate. Venture capital helped fund a great deal of the research and development that led to all these innovations. Runa Capital, a venture capital firm based out of Silicon Valley, has infused Gosu.ai with $1.9 million to develop a virtual assistant for gamers. Yes, those who find themselves stuck while playing complicated games may soon be able to turn to a virtual assistant to help them navigate the playing field. Not everyone can rely on personal decisions or the advice of friends to succeed at gaming. A little help from a virtual source might be the better plan. Gosu.ai is trying to make that a possibility.

The CEO of the company, Alisa Chumachenko, pointed out there are two billion gamers in the world. A significant percentage of these gamers can be dubbed “hardcore gamers” who play complex and difficult-to-win games. An AI assistant just might prove helpful to them. Gamers don’t want their experiences to be too easy. Unless a game comes with a challenge, gaming sessions become boring. Games that are too difficult, however, become frustrating. All the fun of gaming disappears when gamers find themselves stuck on a plateau.

That’s not to suggest that the gaming virtual assistant will do all the work and all the thinking. The concept of an assistant infers support. Gosu.ai may be able to best create such a “helper” since the company puts great effort into researching the exact actions players perform. Such information could make it easier for a virtual assistant to actually assist. The better the virtual assistant performs its job, the greater the chances the player succeeds at a gaming session. Improved success rates may lead to the generation of a buzz about the debuting virtual assistant. The benefit to Gosu.ai becomes obvious here. Solid buzz would mean more gamers use the assistant program.

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