Goettl Air Conditioning: Proving Anything Is Possible

It is not exactly a secret that when Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning back in 2013, they were not exactly on fire as a company. As he pointed out in a recent article, he saw all of the signs he had seen before in past projects. He saw bad morale, employees that were disinterested, unhappy customers, and a company that was losing way too much money. He knew it was a company worth saving and there was still value in it. He just needed to get started and get started on it right away. There was no time to waste as it was a big project.


It was also a project unlike anything he had ever tackled before in his life. Honestly, that was part of the appeal for Ken Goodrich. When someone has done the things that Ken Goodrich has done, they look for new and exciting challenges. They don’t like to stay content or rest on past successes. They want to reinvent themselves. One way to do that for a company that has fallen on hard times is to worry about the customers, first and foremost, which was a big talking point when he sat down with all of the employees.


Ken Goodrich knows the sit downs and meetings with the employees need to happen and he needs to know the staff he is working with and what they are all about as human beings and what drives them. Once he gets a sense of that, he can find out which employees are in this for the long haul and which employees are simply looking for a paycheck. This really matters to Ken Goodrich and it means something to him. He wants his employees to have the same mindset when they go to work each and every single day.


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