France Bans Mobile Phones in School

If you look around at the people in your vicinity, you may notice an alarming trend. Almost everyone is on their phone. All across the globe, it seems that now more than ever, people just cannot put down their smartphones. It’s dangerous and it’s quickly becoming a public health crisis. That’s because a whole slew of dangerous things is happening due to our dependency on phones. People are driving and not paying attention because they’re texting. Teenagers are crossing the street, looking at their phone, and becoming victims of accidents. Furthermore, predators and other evil people lurk inside social media apps. There is a country that won’t take a stand for this advancement in technology.

According to Reddit, France is banning smartphones from all primary, junior, and middle schools. The Education Minister even went as far as to call center it a “public health crisis.” He’s not wrong. Teenagers are paying less attention in school because they care more about what others are doing on social media. Cell phones are also ruining face-to-face relationships. Teens would much rather chat with one another through the phone than make the effort to have a real conversation.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to ban cell phone use in school is the fact that it can cut down on bullying. So many young girls and boys are victims of cyberbullying. Smartphones give bullies a platform to voice their opinions which are often cruel. Jean-Michel Blanquer even said that children don’t play at break time anymore. It’s sad when children, even very young ones, would rather sit on a phone instead of interacting with their peers, run around, and have fun. This is very detrimental to their overall health because they’re not getting as much exercise as they should.

There have been previous studies done which show that banning smartphones is also great for student’s grades. These studies showed that test scores improved for 16-year-olds by %6.4. It’s easy to see why. When you take away a big distraction like a smartphone, you leave room for other activities like studying.

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