Financial Management Made Easier by IC Systems INC

IC systems Inc. was founded in 1938 and is known for its provision of accounts receivable management services for a lot of clients in the country. The founders of the company were Jack Erickson and Ruth. When forming the company, the duo was aiming to avail to their customers the best reliable and honest services in the field and have thus been successful in this endeavor.


The most interesting thing about IC Systems is that they lead while others follow. They are always on the front-line coming up with new ideas in the industry. One of their founders, Ruth Ericson, defied all odds at a time when women were not involved in any business. During this time, she proved to be reliable by her involvement in the business. IC Systems Inc. has greatly benefited from valuing different points of view in the business world. Now, years later, other companies are following in their footsteps.


Ruth took over the reins of the company after her husband passed and worked day and night to make the company grow. Good thing she was a determined and driven person because she managed to take the company to a new level.


The success of IC Systems has been brought about by various values that the company cherish. These are; integrity, innovation, pride, and good results

When IC Systems was started, advertising was done by word of mouth. The founders would go from business to business offering their services. Because there was a gap in the market for the services they were offering, their business picked up and became successful. While providing the promised services, Ruth Erickson also aimed to help their clients fulfill their resolutions.


It cannot be argued the amount of hard work that went into the company, even in the early days before the development of technology and ease of communication. However, with the development of technology, Ruth took advantage and found a way to make the advancement in technology work for her. Computers made it easier to generate a lot more letters in a shorter time than Ruth could have done previously. They have also partnered and got endorsements from a lot of professional associations. To this day, IC Systems Inc. still is a family run company that is headed by powerful women.


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