Felipe Montoro Jens and His Fantastic Leadership Skills for the Programs He Runs

It was the ancients who said that there are kinds of defeats you face that might be better than some victories. In the case of Felipe Montoro Jens, he’s able to prove himself that despite the challenges and failures, he’s still able to withstand the challenges in running the various Public Private Partnerships and programs that are designed for Rio de Janeiro.

Education Network

One of the challenges today of Felipe Montoro Jens is to make sure that he’s able to construct, maintain and sustain the various non-pedagogical services that can be offered for the educational sector of Rio de Janeiro. It is part of the programs in the line up of Felipe Montoro Jens to make sure that there are about 20 thousand new places that can be allocated for the day-care centers for the pre-school students in Rio de Janeiro. These infrastructure projects would be able to sustain and house the different school projects of the Brazilian government. Truly, the infrastructure projects of Felipe Montoro Jens will be instrumental in the projects and growth of the country. Without this kind of help from Montoro Jens, it would be hard for the country to sustain the kind of growth it needs to make its educational programs successful.

Assistance of World Bank Group

The programs under the leadership of Felipe Montoro Jens would not be possible without the assistance of the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank Group. It is now the institution that helps in making sure that the educational programs of Rio de Janeiro would be successfully implemented.

The PPP program is similar to the first Public-Private Partnership of the schools in Brazil, and because of such application, many students would be able to find the quality education they need to gain the advantage they require to lead ahead in the future.

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