FCC Sends a Message to ISPs about User Privacy

The FCC has been considerably hard on the telecom industry as of late. Their latest move is a warning regarding the enforcement of recent net neutrality legislation. The FCC is sending a message to telecom companies regarding strict regulations of user data.

Different brands of food have come out to say the FCC recently made internet access a Title II utility. This means that ISPs have to follow some of the same antiquated rules that the telephone companies have to follow. One of these rules disallows the sale of user data to third party companies without permission.

Many ISPs make a good deal of money from selling user information. AT&T GigaPower even uses private data to help deliver relevant advertisements to their subscribers in exchange for a lower rate. Without the ability to sell user data many ISPs will be losing a large chunk of their revenue.

At this point the FCC hasn’t commented on what they will actually do if they catch an ISP selling private data. There are still many bridges to cross in the battle for net neutrality and how it will actually be enforced.

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