Facebook Embracing Democracy

A third of the world population is on Facebook and I think this next question will sound familiar to you. Have you been on Facebook scrolling down on some posts or comment and thought to yourself that comment is not right? Okay, Facebook too has been doing the same. The new additional feature of an ‘up’ or ‘down’ depending on what you view this comment to be.
According to Facebook spokeswoman Facebook has roles this programme only in Australia and Newzealand. In February it was rolled out in the United States in a small scale to test its functionality. The social media mogul has not actually decided whether it will roll out the new feature to its entire global users estimated to be in the region of two billion. How really does this new feature work?
For those who have accounts on Facebook have a look at it it is quite straightforward. For this who have no experience with Facebook please visit https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/08/facebook-downvote-button/ When a post is posted by a user there are usually other options for another user to give their comment on what they think. Another feature is to share the post to other users or site and even like the post. The problem with this feature is that the comments given by users can be seen in accordance with the time posted, with the recent post featuring as the lowest on the log. This has some problems with users because the topmost comment might not necessarily be the best comment that carries the mood of the post. However, Facebook has realized this and trying to fix it with the new feature.
The new feature brings democracy to Facebook letting people choose what comments they prefer to be at the top. This comments will feature in terms of the votes they get to be on top or on the bottom. The feature, according to Facebook, will encourage users to give positive comments and increase the user experience. The same feature has been seen to work on Reddit.

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