Eucatex Opportunities in the Latin American Region

Brazil is a growing economy and it has been making progress in the global market. As a result, investors have turned their focus on the South American economic giant and this has greatly boosted the county’s economy. The country is currently experiencing exponential growth in economic milestones and this is partly as result of the increased potential of its business environment. One of the greatest and known investors to invest in the country’s economy is Flavio Malouf. Malouf is a legendary investor in the Brazilian economy and he has been on the forefront in supporting business practices that are sustainable.

Being the CEO of Eucatex, Maluf has guided the company through a very innovative sustainability process that includes researcher on best practices in wood production. He is born in a business oriented family and like his father he has become a great entrepreneur and business man. Maluf has contributed greatly to his country’s economic growth with this sustainability campaigns that has seen the country reduce the rate of environmental degradation. Eucatex under his leadership has been making progress in supporting environmentally friendly programs in Brazil and it has been on the forefront in doing the same in its production processes.

Eucatex has established a new product in its wood production that seeks to torn down the use of real timber in wood production in the market. This product is an environmentally friendly product that has received immense support from the local market. Brazilians have received the thin panel blocks that have been introduce into the market by Eucatex very positively. As a result, the company currently enjoys a monopolistic advantage since it is the only player in the wood production industry that is producing this particular product. Eucatex has been rising up to the challenges of mass production to satisfy the rising demand for its new product.

Brazil being the greatest economy in the region, the rest of the Latin American countries are looking up to it for supplies in essential trades. Eucatex understands the position that the superiority of its home country gives it. This has led the company’s management to expand its production and distribution to cover the entire region of the Latin American countries. Eucatex is setting up to become one of the largest wood producing company in the region if it recent restructuring is anything to go by. The company has even changed its storage to allow mass production.

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