EOS: Fancy Without The Price Sticker

A lot of EOS’s success has come from the brand packaging and the marketing. EOS is known world wide for it’s round colorful orb plastic packaging. It has become a symbol of modernity in fashion, not just a lip balm. There are a lot of “all natural” lip balms out on the market distributed by various beauty companies but none so successful as this brand? What has made it so?

Other natural lip balms made exclusive and luxurious by their placement in a Sephora or other luxury counters makes these products desirable but unaccessible. Giving women an attractive and natural lip balm option that looks like it belongs in a Sephora but available for a $3 price point is really something to flip about. It is easy for women to hold these in their hand and snap them up when shopping for toilet paper or windex. It is available right at the drug store, Target or Amazon.com and won’t break the bank.

In EOS lip balm’s own way they had secured their success early by avoiding hype and concentrating their efforts on building their brand internally. By investing in custom made automated machinery that could churn out their products in house they saved a lot of time, money, and cut out the middle man. Only later after they had control over how many units they could tumble out and what flavor they wanted to try next, did they give online marketing a shot.

It was the beauty bloggers, beauty writers, social networkers, and Facebook enthusiasts that built this brand out by promoting it to their thousands of viewers. Knowing how to promote the product was just another insight EOS eas able to glean and make it work. They now sell over one million units per week, an impressive feat for lip balm.

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