Edward Honig is a Cardiologist in New York


When looking for a doctor that specializes in cardiology you will inevitably get a referral to a specialist. Edward Honig in New York at Glen Cove Hospital, is one of the best. This is his story about how he decided to become that heart surgeon that so many have been saved by.


LinkedIn indicates that Edward Honig went to Duke University School of Medicine, New York State licensed from 1952 forward, he takes his work seriously. It’s a passion when you have saved lives for so many years. He has seen the new developments in the field for years now. His participation in this field is something he has been immensely proud of.


Preventing heart disease is the first step to help people that end up sick. He has preached the importance of monitoring lungs, blood pressure and the blood vessels since the beginning. There have been other developments though.


Many other new developments have been a part of Edward Honig’s practice. Diet has been added, as has acidity balance in the body to help the function of the major organs. They work together to keep the heart working in good condition. It takes more than just good medical care. It begins with each person taking care of themselves. Edward Honig has worked for years to help people better understand their own participation in their heart’s health.


Some female patients have voiced concern with using a doctor of Dr Honig’s age, along with the fact that he is a man. When it comes to the best heart care though, race, sex and age should never be a part of the decision for care. When it’s time to take care of your heart, you can’t get any better than DR Edward Honig for your health care.  Honig is a life long Mets fan, and is published on PublishersWeekly medical journal.


He is a prominent doctor and will continue to work to make people more aware of how to best help their healthcare related to their heart. Invested in the future of cardiology, Dr Honig will inevitably be an active participant as the world of medicine explores cardiology and the cure for the heart disease that exists today.


New York has many cardiologists available today, but Dr Honig is one that can always be trusted with your healthcare when and if the time comes to get care from a cardiologist that knows how to help you fight heart disease. There are so many people that need that care today.

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