Driverless Cars Coming Soon

The car and auto industry has been one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world for the past fifty years. While cars on the road have always gone through periods of innovation, style improvements, and innovation, the industry appears set to be ready for another major improvement in terms of innovation in the next few years (


For the past few years, the concept of driverless cars has slowly been incorporated into modern driving. A few different popular cars has been built with the ability to be set to auto-drive while the car is on the highway. However, the ability to use it is still limited to just a few basic scenarios and is not meant to be a permanent option for driving. While self-driving cars seem to be going through a very slow period of development, it is believed that driverless cars could soon be much more common on the road.


Today, there are at least four different car manufacturers that are trying to be the first to unveil and sell a fully driverless car. These include both Tesla and Uber, both of which will have to go through a range of different regulatory and quality control inspections before a driverless car is allowed on the road.


Once these cars are allowed, there will be a lot of different issues that drives and owners will have to deal with. To start, it has yet to be determined what the laws will require out of drivers that are looking to have a driverless car. Since driverless cars will not be flawless, it may take an additional level of licensure to ensure a driver is able to override a system to take control of a car. A more concerning issue about driverless car is what could happen if the cars are hacked. Technically, a good hacker will be able to take over control of the car, which could be very dangerous if it happens.



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