Dr. Saad Saad; a Surgeon with Several Medical Inventions in His Name

Many medical experts dedicate much of their time to research. Most of them come up with lifesaving medical inventions that benefit the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Saad Saad is among the experts with vast experience in pediatric surgery. He was raised in Kuwait but was born in Palestine. He attended Cairo University where he attained a medical degree. Dr. Saad moved to the United States of America after completing his internship in England.




In the USA he worked hard to earn certification as a pediatric surgeon. He underwent progressive surgical training and practiced a lot to be certified by the board. It was not easy as he took tests and exams every ten years. After getting certification, he was able to serve patients in the USA and Saudi Arabia. With the certification and ability to speak both Arabic and English fluently, he received an excellent opportunity to work for the royal family in Saudi Arabia as a pediatric surgeon. His experience enabled him to offer quality surgical services to the family and residents.




Saad Saad also worked at one of the leading hospitals in Riyadh; King Specialist Hospital. He was recognized as the best surgeon as he was able to handle complicated surgical operations. His experience enabled him to perform surgery on the youngest kid admitted with an aneurysm. Also, many doctors respected him and valued his opinions on surgery matters. He is a determined surgeon who wishes to see patients live painless and quality lives.</li>




With his hard work and determination to make the medical industry better, he has made several medical inventions. The purpose of his inventions is making surgical operations easy for doctors. Additionally, his inventions target to keep patients safe. One of the inventions is on endoscopy procedures. He has come up with a suction-irrigation device that cleans the lens of an endoscope while inside the human body organs such as lungs, stomach, colon or bladder. This makes sure that the viewing is clear. Dr. Saad has used the suction-irrigation device, and it has proved to be an excellent solution to endoscopy procedures. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html



Besides the Suction-irrigation device, Dr. Saad Saad has invented a tool that helps doctors locate catheters inside human bodies. Many doctors use X-ray and MRI scans to find the catheters. Use of the X-ray method is not safe to humans if it is repeated many times due to radiation. The purpose of MRI is complicated as the machine is large and not portable. With his new device that uses electromagnetic energy to locate a catheter inside human’s body, doctors can easily locate catheters without the using X-ray or MRI scans.

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