Dr. Dov Rand teaches on how patients can use hormones to reset the metabolism

Dr. Dov Rand has one desire, and that is he will be able to assist the patients that have the healthy aging issues. He uses the training and experience that he has gained over the years so that to change the lives of people positively. Dr. Dov Rand offers his services at Healthy Medical Center he advises that patients on methods they can use for the weight loss. And during the aging process the conditions that the patients can expect. The approach that he has when it comes to the regenerative medicine has been the means that he has been using so that to offer the patients with options they can use so that to get the benefits from the integrative care. (patch)

The training that he got from Albert Einstein Medical Center that’s based in New York is so extensive it has been of help. The practices that Dr. Dov Rand uses focus on the wellness of the patients by use of IV nutrient therapy and other solutions that will help with the needs of patients that want weight loss and help with aging. The passion that he has in seeing that the outcome achieved is excellent inspires him to come up with programs that will address the individual needs of each patients that seeks his services. Through the programs that Dr. Dov Rand has come up with he can prevent diseases, health restoration, healthy aging and improve vitality. Dr. Dov can help the patients to face the issues that will limit the joy that they may have for living by giving them the chance of getting the relief that they need.

At the Healthy Medical Center, the patients can get the innovative approaches to assist with menopause symptoms like mood swings, anxiety, depression, weight gain, hot flashes and the high blood pressure by the use of Dr. Dov’s treatment regimens patients can get there relief. Dr. Dov Rand came up with an HCG diet plan that would help the patient that wants to lose weight. With the use of the program the patients can get remarkable results. By use of the hormones that will cause the patients to eat fewer calories and not even feel hungry.


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