Doe Deere Brings in New Products for Lime Crime

Lime Crime is the company that is growing in a substantial way thanks to the new products. Doe Deere has branched out come and she has gone far beyond selling lipstick and lipgloss. Today she is creating a brand that is actually connected to a larger product line.

There were quite a few people that were already looking at what LimeCrime was doing, but now that the semi-permanent hair dye has been added to the mix it appears that there is even more for people to like.

This is part of the 100% cruelty free product line that Doe Deere has created for Lime Crime. It is obvious that so many people are interested in cruelty-free products, and Doe Deere wants to bring as many of these products to consumers as you can. There are lots of fans that like the hair dye that are going to utilize this because they can find matching colors for their lipstick.

Many people are going to take a look at what people can do with permanent hair dye that also goes with matching lipstick. People have become big fans of Lime Crime because this company has managed to build a completely different line of cosmetics.

Eyeshadow and lipgloss are also popular products that are sold by Doe Deere. The Lime Crime brand also added makeup brushes to the equation as well. This is another thing that is perfect for the type of products that Doe Deere was already selling through Lime Crime. The company is definitely growing at a tremendous rate, and people are pleased about the wide variety that is out there.

Highlighters and press on nails are also part of the product line that Lime Crime has for customers in search of cosmetics. There are a great number of people that take a look at what the Lime Crime brand provides when it comes to lipstick. Women like the style that Doe Deere has created, and many of them watch her put on this makeup in her videos. Doe Deere has also shown people about the new hair dye products.

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