Device Addiction Explored

With more studies coming out about how much we use our devices, the subject of device addiction is bound to come up. These studies cover all ranges of ages and geographical locations. They paint a fairly clear picture of who uses what, and how much. These numbers, how much time is spent on a device, seem to go up almost every year. So, to combat these high numbers, app companies are starting to devise ways and ideas of cutting down usage time on cell phones, tablets, etc. Especially among the younger users. Everyone seems to be on board with the idea that getting used to spending hours on end on a cell phone, is not a good idea.

This is how people become addicted to their devices and probably not even realize it. Similar to the boiling frog analogy, we wake up one day and realize that we cannot go about our daily routines without checking our phones every minute. One such solution is one that begins at home, yet is dependent on technology taking the step to make it possible. That is, creating a home network designed to curtail usage time, app usage and data limits. This would give the administrator more leeway into what their children do than what is currently available.

Another idea is to make the next generation of phones to where default social apps are not displayed on the home screen, as is currently the case. These apps are the main culprits in making people use their phones much more than is necessary. This would discourage the youngest of users from using those apps so quickly if have they to dig through their phones to find the apps. Ideas such as these are designed to get the new users not as dependent on their phones when they first start using them. It gets them into good usage habits, such as not spending nearly as much time on them as they do now.

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