Custom Companies Transportation Services

Founded in 1986 by Perry Mandera, Custom Companies is widely known as a leader in the transportation industry. The company handles thousand of shipments on a daily basis, and it operates on a 24-hour schedule. Its shipping services include: 50 State LTL (Less Than Truckload); Domestic and International Air Freight; Direct Mail Distribution; Expedited Ground Service; Pick and Pack; Dedicated Contract Cartage; Logistics Management; and Intermodal, among a few other options.


Custom Companies started out as a small 2-truck business, but it currently has over 2,000 pieces of equipment available nationwide, including Dry Vans, as well as Flat Bed and Temperature Controlled shipping transportation. The company provides World Class customer service to its many clients, which, along with competitive pricing and a hands on personalized approach, is part of the reason why it has seen a lot of growth over the years. It has distribution centers in 33 major markets, and it handles pick ups and deliveries from and to any point in the continental United States.


The owner of Custom Companies, Perry Mandera, has learned a lot about customers’ shipping needs in his over 30 years in the transportation industry, and he’s used that knowledge to help him run the business more effectively. His company’s headquarters are in Northlake, Illinois, and some of the employees that have worked in the various locations the business has have expressed that they were provided with excellent training, and that their concerns were heard, which led the company to make necessary changes. Aside from running a very successful full-service transportation service, Perry Mandera is also involved in athletic coaching. He has coached children’s sports teams, as well as individual athletes that are Olympic hopefuls.


The shipping entrepreneur’s philanthropic deeds includes supporting organizations like the University of Chicago Medical Center, the Lynn Sage Foundation and Catholic Charities USA. He also supports the Illinois State Crime Commission, which honored him with their Bishop Sheil Award in 2010, and their Citizen of the Year Award in 2011. He has additionally received several other awards from organizations that have recognized his contributions to both the business world and to philanthropy.


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