Colorado Trying to Implement a Breakthrough in Transportation Technology

There are many areas of technology that excite people because of how they have already improved our lives and how their ongoing development promises to continue to do so in the future. Breakthroughs in new medical devices and the continuing evolution of mobile computing technology are just a couple examples of this. There are certain fields of technology that seem relatively stagnant in comparison to such advancements, however, and the transportation sector is definitely one of these.

Despite new designs, conveniences, and bells and whistles, most cars today basically use the same internal combustion engine technology that was rolling off the assembly lines of the Ford Model T factories at the beginning of the last century. Trains have been around even longer. Jet-powered passenger planes were a relatively new advent, but despite some attempts at supersonic flight with the now canceled Concord, this technology has not advanced fundamentally in decades either. Electric cars hold promise for helping the environment, but they still get stuck in rush-hour traffic next to their internal combustion relatives. What’s needed is a conceptual breakthrough in ground transportation technology. For this, enter the brainchild of entrepreneur Elon Musk known as the hyperloop.

Basically, the idea behind a hyperloop is to have people traveling in a pod within a tunnel, either along the ground or underground, at speeds approaching those that would normally be associated with travel by plane. Building such a travel pod system between major cities and areas within a state could revolutionize ground travel between such locations. The economic benefits that could be had from drastically cutting the amount of otherwise productive time people spend simply traveling to and from work on congested roadways has certainly not been lost on the state of Colorado.

Politicians in Colorado are taking a serious look at implementing a hyperloop travel system between Denver International Airport and various cities in the state as well as directly between major cities. It is also being looked at for moving cargo far more quickly as well. Colorado may be in on the ground floor of an advancement in transportation technology that is long overdue given that most of us are still using the same basic technology to get around that our grandparents did when they were young and spry.

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