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Human eyes are responsible for processing some 80 percent of environmental stimuli that most people experience. While we sometimes appreciate vision for its true, inherent value, most of our days are spent without truly caring for our individual or collective sense of sight.

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Some reputable sources report that nearly three-quarters of all blind people could have prevented their instances of macular and ocular degeneration. Much of these issues are related to ignorance – not because these three-odd-quarters of the world’s blind population are uninterested in preserving their health, but they simply aren’t informed of how ocular hygiene.

Sightsavers is a global non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting and maintaining ocular health all over the world, though its operations are focused on the poorest countries of all 195 member states of the United Nations.

What does Sightsavers do?

In short, Sightsavers does anything and everything related to improving eye care of impoverished people in not-so-well-off countries in places like southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and Oceania.

To expand upon the missions and goals of Sightsavers, the company primarily tries to protect sight. The protection of ocular health is accomplished through the following means:

  • paying for full-fledged, real-deal operations conducted by trained eye doctors and surgeons,
  • training and informing social workers and licensed healthcare practitioners to regularly engage in preventative care procedures and practices, and


  • distributing necessary medication to persons and parties who need them on the local level, making sure people without reliable transportation don’t have to embark on exceptionally-long trips by foot just to receive medication.

Sightsavers’ secondary – though they’re very much important – goals are combating disease and fighting for the rights of disabled individuals; or, in other words, blind people or those nearing total blindness.

In India, home to one of the world’s poorest populations, more than 15 million residents are plagued by ocular conditions that could have been prevented. Sightsavers aims to provide assistance to Indians in eight of its worst-off states – including the likes of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh – and set up programs related to ocular health in five other Indian states.

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